7 Causes of Deadly Motorcycle Accidents in Nashville

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The Tennessee Highway Safety Office reports that 256 motorcycle crashes occurred in Nashville in 2020, with over 300 reported in surrounding counties. In comparison, preliminary reports from the NHTSA website and TDOS FARS Division show a total of 151 motorcycle fatalities across the state of Tennessee. 

With an average of 12.5 motorcycle-related deaths a month in Tennessee last year alone, it is important to know the common causes of deadly accidents in Nashville. Once you do, you’ll know the steps to take to help prevent a motorcycle accident from occurring and even potentially the wrongful loss of life. 

Read over these seven common causes of motorcycle accidents in Nashville to learn more.   

1. Unsafe Lane Changes

The Tennessee driver license manual states that changing lanes should never be done without first checking blind spots. Lane changes should also be done gradually once you have determined that it is completely safe to do so.   

Drivers of both motorcycles and larger vehicles can help reduce motorcycle accidents and injuries by being aware of their surroundings, as well as staying in their lane and keeping ample room between each other. 

2. Right-of-Way Violations

Distracted driving can result in a driver making a turn into the patch of an oncoming motorcycle. As a motorcyclist, it is important to drive defensively and keep an eye out for other  drivers who may turn unexpectedly into your lane or you. Your vigilance can help prevent an accidental collision.  

Drivers of larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks, also need to do their part to keep an eye out for motorcycles. Their smaller profiles can make it more difficult to spot them in a turn lane.

3. Rear-end Accidents

Motorcycles can perform sudden stops much quicker than other vehicles. Because of this, tailgating motorcycles is a huge problem. Once again, drivers need to make sure that they keep a proper distance between larger vehicles and motorcycles on the road.

4. Door Collisions

Another common yet avoidable cause of motorcycle accidents in Nashville are door collisions. A door collision occurs when a person that is exiting a vehicle opens a door into traffic without looking first. A motorcycle can then be caught off guard and collide with the open door resulting in anything from minor to catastrophic injuries

To avoid this type of collision from happening, look twice before you open a door. You’ll also want to keep this tip in mind when it comes to pedestrians and bicycles as well.

5. Dangerous Road Conditions

Slippery road conditions, potholes, debris, and unmarked construction work are all contributing factors to motorcycle accidents. If you know that road conditions will be bad, it’s best to refrain from driving. However, if you must drive, always obey traffic laws, and be on alert for unexpected hazards.

6. Speeding

Speeding is especially dangerous for motorcycle drivers since the protection of an airbag is absent. So, always obey the speed limit! There’s no reason to go slightly faster only to suffer a serious injury. 

If you should end up injured in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own, our motorcycle accident attorneys at Lerner and Rowe offer free consultations and 24/7 legal assistance for when you need help the most.

7. Mechanical Problems

Like any vehicle, motorcycles need to be maintained. Take your motorcycle to a mechanic regularly to avoid any malfunctions while on the road. Have the mechanic check the oil and inspect the clutch, transmission, battery, brakes, and all other parts to help ensure that your  motorcycle is in top condition and not suffering from any defective parts.

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