Las Cruces Personal Injury Lawyers

Were you or a loved one recently injured in a car accident in Las Cruces? Or, perhaps your child was harmed while swimming at a community pool, or your father-in-law slipped and fell at a local establishment? In any of these cases, the Las Cruces personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe may be able to help you receive financial compensation.

The first step towards learning your eligibility is to schedule a free consultation with a seasoned lawyer representation. Call 575-544-4444, fill out this FREE online form, or use our convenient online LiveChat feature. We are available any time of day or night, so don’t hesitate to reach out when you need us most.

Las Cruces Personal Injury Lawyers

Why Do You Need Las Cruces Personal Injury Lawyers After an Accident?

During a free consultation, an injury lawyer will listen to the details about the accident that resulted in your injuries. They can then evaluate if you have a valid claim that could result in potential compensation

If you do, a dedicated team will help build a strong case on your behalf by a variety of proven legal processes that may include:

  • Investigating supporting documentation to help determine contributing factors and establish fault.
  • Reviewing video footage and witness statements from the accident.
  • Collecting any artifacts or evidence you may have gathered and use it to strengthen the case further.

Once a compelling personal injury case has been developed, the next step involves seeking compensation from the responsible party’s insurance provider. Certain insurance companies might actively attempt to underestimate the value of your claim, making it prudent to secure legal representation at the earliest opportunity.

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Common Types of Las Cruces Personal Injury Claims

We manage these common personal injury cases in Las Cruces:

We may also be able to help you out if you recently received a troubling diagnosis and suspect it is the result of exposure to a dangerous product or drug. Contact Lerner and Rowe for a free case consultation and evaluation to learn more about your legal options.

Injuries that Our Las Cruces Personal Injury Lawyers Have Helped Represent

If you were involved in a Las Cruces accident, it’s likely that you suffered one or more of the following injuries:

  • Spinal injuries, like fractures, herniated disc, or paralysis
  • Brain injuries, like concussions, contusions, or a traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Broken bones located anywhere in the body, like legs, arms, and hands
  • Internal organ damage to your kidneys, lungs, liver, or heart
  • Torn ligaments, like tears to rotator cuff, ankle ligament, or ACL 
  • Burns in the first, second, third, or fourth degree
  • Cuts and puncture wounds that sometimes break through all skin layers to the bone

No matter what degree of injury you suffered, you will likely face symptoms like stiffness, pain, swelling, or weakness after an accident. In more severe cases, you might completely lose your independence and ability to live on your own. Financial compensation can help bridge the gap when you’re faced with the resulting medical bills and lost time off work.

What Is the New Mexico Statute of Limitations and Does It Apply in Las Cruces?

The statute of limitations in New Mexico is a law that states victims have a certain amount of time to file an injury claim. The duration will vary and is based on the jurisdiction, cause, and severity of injuries. That’s why we highly recommend that you consult with a seasoned Las Cruces personal injury lawyer to determine the exact statute of limitations that applies to your situation.

Why Choose Our Las Cruces Personal Injury Lawyers

The Las Cruces team of Lerner and Rowe personal injury lawyers offers you the following as their client:

  • Excellent communications throughout the claims process
  • No fee until we win your case
  • No upfront monies
  • A strong belief in your case

We won’t back down from aggressive insurance companies, either. Instead, we will fight those that attempt to undervalue your claim and do our best to win you your fair compensation, even if that means taking the matter to the courtroom.

Contact the Las Cruces Personal Injury Lawyers at Lerner and Rowe

To contact our Las Cruces offices, just call 575-544-4444, fill out this FREE online form or use LiveChat. We can assist you whether you were injured on your way to White Sands, in University Park, or visiting a friend. Remember, when you file a claim, the responsible party’s insurance company covers the bill rather than the individual. 

You have nothing to lose by calling us and setting up a free case evaluation and consultation. If you don’t, you may lose out on valuable monies that can assist you and your family as you adjust to a new quality of life. Reach out today.