I am so pleased with my experience.

I am so pleased with my experience. Sara and Tyler were so amazing. Thank u for always being there to answer the phone or an email without delay. U made this process after our accident quick and easy for my family and I. We truly appreciate you and recommend anyone who’s hurt in a wreck and needs a check call Lerner and Rowe.  -Jennifer S.

Thank you Lerner and Rowe for helping me.

Thank you Lerner and Rowe for helping me when I was in my auto accident! As a full time college student studying athletic training my car is important to me because it gets me to and from school and to my clinical sites on top of my job. Losing my car on top of receiving medical bills I turned to Lerner and Rowe needing help. The very first meeting was very informational and made me feel at ease knowing I’m getting the help I needed. They kept in contact with me updating me on what is going on and gave me advice on the best options to take. My medical bills were paid off and I received a check that for a full time college student is a blessing. Thank you so much Lerner and Rowe you and your team are the best! Thank you to everyone who helped me personally with my case! Thank you!!! -Y. Dorsey

Tom Howard and his team were awesome.

After two and a half years, I ended up being very satisfied with my case.  I met Glen Lerner 20 years ago when he would come into my restaurant in Vegas before going to his gym.  He made me believe in hi firm.  Tom Howard and his team were awesome. I’m very happy.  -D. Newman

Thank you!

Tammy and Chadlie – Thank you for everything! It was such a smooth process. Thank you Matt because you made this process easier, so thank you too!  -L. Hart

I would definitely use Lerner and Rowe again.

I, Sammy, was very satisfied with my case and the way it all turned out. I would like to give special thanks to Matt, Tammy and Chadlie. Most of all, my personal thanks to Matt and Chadlie for being there for me and for always having the right answers and returning my phone calls. Once again, thanks for all the help and support I got from the Lerner & Rowe staff. Yes, I would definitely use Lerner and Rowe again and again. Thank you so much! -Sammy G.

Strongly Recommend This Firm

Personally, I want to say Thank you very much for all the support that I received from Mr. Ricardo, Mrs. Bea and Mr. Jason, here in Tucson, AZ. They explained all with patience about what is going on in this hard process, they fight right and they help me out in circumstances that Happened in the way. I strongly recommend This firm to any of my friends, this didn’t take too long and they are very professional at their jobs. Thank you! – Yenny T.

Wonderful case manager.

Sara was absolutely fantastic, always returned any calls, promptly was very helpful, she made my experience very pleasant, can’t say enough about Sara. Wonderful case manager.  Thank you all. -Bryan H.

Thank you for all you help!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and hard work. Thomas J. Howard and staff were excellent! Thanks to Bre’Ann Mars for being patient with me and responding to all the questions over the phone and via email. I recommend Mr. Howard simply because of his experience as a lawyer and having cases on both sides of the table. Offense and defense! I will definitely use Lerner and Rowe again for any other legal matters. -Jason R.