Thank You Guys So Much

Well today I finally wrapped up my case with Lerner and Rowe … it was a long time coming and there were quite a few bumps in the road especially with the first team that help me… But once the new team came into play everything ran pretty smooth… I’d like to thank my attorney Matt Hobbins, my case manager Carmen…. Sophia… And my accountant on the case Shawna thank you guys so much for all you have done! -Adrian D.

Friendly Staff

Friendly staff, usually very prompt on returning calls. Overall a GOOD company full of many WONDERFUL people. -Kasey E.

Great Job Communicating

My attorney Matt Hobbins and Case manager Carmen Hemperley did a great job helping me with my case. They both did a great job communicating with me and answering any questions I had. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Lerner and Rowe. -Carlos L.

I’m Very Happy

I’m very happy with the results from Lerner and Rowe. Jesse Gran was very sweet and explained things to me in ways I can understand. Araceli Pardo was also super sweet and very helpful. Thank you so much! -Lisa B.

I was Very Satisfied

I was very Satisfied with the Treatment of the Staff, they were very helpful. The Attorney was very Aggressive about getting my case settled. I give you all a Five Star Rating. -Mark G.

Thank You Greg and Elizabeth!

At first I felt like the process took a long time, but once we got to the end things went by quickly. Thank you Greg and Elizabeth! =) -Guadalupe G.

I was Very Satisfied

I was very satisfied with the work done and explanations given by my case manager Karin. I would choose Lerner & Rowe again if in any personal injury in the future. -Miguel D.

I am Very Thankful

I am very thankful for the help I got from Lerner & Rowe. The staff in Yuma and Ms. Karin were all friendly and ready to help. Thank you to Lerner & Rowe for getting me the best settlement. -Corina C.

I Felt Comfortable and Relieved

When I first called I was nervous not knowing what to do, so when Ms. Karin Carbajal called me back I felt comfortable and relieved. Very happy with how they treated me. They worried more about my health then anything else. Tyler called and I felt even better knowing they were taking care of me. I would highly recommend Lerner & Rowe. -Rene G.

Very Understanding and Kind

Lerner and Rowe did my case with speed. The staff in Yuma (Karin, Sarah, Pilar) is very understanding and kind. Lerner and Rowe helped me with getting a fair amount. Thank you so much. -Gennifer D.