Very helpful. Stayed in touch

Very helpful. Stayed in touch and responded very quickly to every email and questions given. Thank you Jeff J. Michelle C. Seliny D. and Maggy P.

Crystal N. Melanie B.

Crystal N. Melanie B. Stephanie S. and Ty C. did an amazing job with any questions I had and explaining everything in detailed.

Muchas Gracias Karin y Pilar

Muchas Gracias Karin y Pilar por sus servicios ofrecidos a mi hija Lizeth Fernandez estoy muy satisfecha con su atención y pienso recomendarlos en un futuro.

Nuevamente GRACIAS!!

Amazing Attorney and Law Firm

Verbal Review: “Good afternoon, my dear boy Greg … I knew you would call back, you are just something else my friend—asking if I’m okay, if I got in a wreck. No, if I got in a wreck I would definitely, definitely give you a holler (if it wasn’t my fault I mean). I appreciated hearing your voice. You are such a nice guy.  And yes, of course you can use my message that I left as a review. What an honor that would be to me. You are just amazing. Your company is amazing. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate it. God bless and take care of yourself.”

We couldn’t be more please to check-in with Magda and find out how she is doing. It is truly our honor to be able to stay connected with Magda and show her how much she is valued.   

Listen to actual voice review now:


Just wanted to let your

Just wanted to let your team know how much you are all appreciated. You have been GREAT at returning my calls and answering my questions. Especially representing me. I can’t say it enough. Thank you for hanging in there for and with me. A very pleased and thanking client..Joyce Webber

Lerner and Rowe was very

Lerner and Rowe was very good with me. They helped me understand the process and were very patient with me. Thank you Karin, Pilar in Yuma and Jeremy and Jessica. You guys were great.

Tyler Sorenson and his team

Tyler Sorenson and his team did an amazing job. I was in a rear end accident with an underinsured driver, I went to Lerner and Rowe for help and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Special thanks to Karin Carbajal, she made everything easy and efficient.

Attorney Tyler Sorenson and his

Attorney Tyler Sorenson and his wonderful team were amazing. Special thanks to Karin Carbajal, she made the process so easy and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

I am beyond satisfied with

I am beyond satisfied with Lerner & Rowe and their staff, they went above and beyond my expectations. This was my first car accident and the first time I had to use an injury attorneys office. I could’t be happier with their professionalism and their patience to explain me everything and guide me through every step of the way. Especially my attorney Jeffrey J. who was very patience and didn’t give up on my case, for being straight to the point and fighting for me. My case manager Michelle C. who was extrematelly helpful during the whole process, any question I had she was there to help me and guide me through it. I would also like to thank Seliny D. who assisted Michelle with any tasked in regards to my case for her patience and resourcefulness. Last but not least, I would like to thank Gabriela R. for her accounting work and her ability to reduce my medical bills. I am extremately grateful for all their hard work and their professionalism. I will highly recommend Lerner and Rowe to family and friends and without a doubt, I will love to work with them again if needed.
Thank You!