Who Is Responsible for a Three-Car Accident?

Navigating the legal aspects of a car accident can be a daunting task, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. Unlike two-car accidents, where liability is often clear-cut, a three-car accident involves multiple factors and potential contributing parties. Additionally, dealing with the aftermath of a three-car auto wreck will also include the other parties involved in […]

How to Avoid a Christmas Light Electrocution Injury

The snow falls, the hot cocoa warms on the stove, and the Christmas tree stands ready for decorating in your living room. You can feel the hum of excitement around your home as the holiday season gets ready to take shape. Don’t let that hum change into the buzz of a disastrous Christmas light electrocution […]

Avoiding Thanksgiving and Black Friday Injuries in Reno

With traveling to see family, shopping, and more, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are two of the busiest days of the year. They can also be two of the most dangerous due to increased traffic, large crowds at Reno Town Mall and The Outlets at Legends, impaired drivers, and more. It’s crucial to prioritize safety to […]

Las Vegas Black Friday Safety Tips

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year when it comes to shopping, and Las Vegas Black Friday is especially chaotic. Underestimating the safety risks when shopping during Black Friday could lead to serious personal injury. To prepare, here are some important safety tips from Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Lerner and […]

Thanksgiving Travel Tips for New Mexico Motorists

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for road travel every year in America. According to AAA, more than 55-million people are expected to travel for Thanksgiving this year. As you’d expect, more motorists on the road increases your chances of a car accident. To help you and your family stay safe over the holiday, […]

Black Friday Safety Tips From a Chicago Injury Lawyer

Black Friday–the day after Thanksgiving, a day reputed to be when retailers offer some of the best prices of the season and kick off the countdown to Christmas. For many stores, it’s the single-biggest shopping day of the year. With so many people hitting stores, it’s no surprise that many accidents occur on Black Friday. […]

California Helmet Law: What L.A. Motorcycle Riders Need to Know

Although Los Angeles is rightfully known as a car town, it’s also a great city for motorcycle enthusiasts. With scenic routes like the Pacific Coast Highway, the challenges of Decker Canyon Road, and the relaxing ride offered by Malibu Canyon, there’s something for bikers of all skill levels. To make sure that you stay safe […]

National Seat Belt Day: Buckle Up in Reno

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, proper seat belt use in Reno is an essential element of preventing serious injuries and wrongful death in the event of a car crash. Since November 14 is National Seat Belt Day, the Reno car accident lawyer at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys would like to remind you […]

How to Avoid Black Friday Injuries in Phoenix

Many Americans love to shop at holiday sales events that begin the day after Thanksgiving. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), a record setting 196.7 million people visited stores on Black Friday in 2022. As you can imagine, the increased car and foot traffic also increases the chances of an injury. To help you […]

Best Reno Motorcycle Routes and Safety Tips for Your Ride

Reno, Nevada is a great place to be a motorcycle rider. With its stunning scenery, winding roads, and warm weather, there are plenty of opportunities for a great ride. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, finding the best Reno motorcycle routes can turn a good ride into a great ride. When you’re out […]