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Car accidents are caused by many different factors, including: pedestrians, reckless, distracted, drunk and also elderly drivers practicing unsafe driving habits. Unfortunately, many of these accidents result in injury. If you have been hurt in a wreck, contact our auto accident lawyers as soon as possible so that we can start fighting for you.

The call is free, your consultation is free and you don’t pay unless we win your case!

When Should You Contact a Yuma Car Accident Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Yuma, it is important to hire an experienced car accident attorney. Lerner and Rowe Personal Injury lawyers have a reputation for fighting to protect the rights of car accident and other personal injury victims, so that they receive the maximum compensation they’re entitled to.

Our experienced legal team represents the following types of claims:

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Auto Accident Lawyer in Yuma

At Lerner and Rowe, our car accident lawyers are also available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer free initial case evaluations. The sooner you speak with a car accident attorney, the better your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to protect you after a car accident. One of our lawyers will also be able to provide advice based on your personal and unique circumstances. Our team will properly set up all available insurance claims and assist in disclosing relevant information to the insurance companies to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for damages that you have suffered in the accident.

Time Matters After You Get In an Accident

For immediate service from an auto accident lawyer, contact Lerner and Rowe Personal Injury Attorneys at 928-222-2222. Or, complete a free case evaluation form online today. No case is too small or too large for us to handle. Don’t attempt to deal with insurance companies alone, we do this every day and we also know what your injury is worth.

If you are not able to come to us, we will come to you. You have nothing to lose. Call us today!