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Surgeons and their patients rely on surgical mesh products to repair hernias, pelvic organ prolapse, and stress urinary incontinence. As such, many patients recover from their surgery without issue and do not experience serious complications. However, numerous brands of surgical mesh have been shown to increase the risk of post-surgical complications in many patients. When a medical device manufacturer fails to make a safe product, and the public suffers because of this failure, the manufacturer can be held liable in court.If you recently underwent a hernia surgery, female pelvic surgery, or other procedure to help repair weakened or damaged tissue and experienced complications due to faulty surgical mesh, you could potentially receive financial compensation for your injuries and medical bills. Get in touch with a surgical mesh lawyer for more details. An experienced dangerous products attorney can help you file for the recovery you deserve.

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What Is a Hernia?

A hernia occurs when an organ squeezes through a weakened area of muscle or other tissue. Most hernias are in the abdomen and are often the result of an injury. A common example of an abdominal hernia occurs when the small intestine pushes through the muscle of the stomach wall. Hernias can cause extreme pain and swelling, disrupting the sufferer’s daily life. Most hernias require surgical treatment, and surgeons often use hernia mesh to patch the torn tissue. Hernia mesh is a pliable medical material, typically made from synthetic or animal-derived materials.

What Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)?

Pelvic organ prolapse is a type of pelvic floor disorder that happens when the pelvis muscles and tissues weaken, are damaged, and can no longer support the bladder, uterus and cervix, vagina, and rectum. This insufficient support can causes one or more of these pelvic organs to:

  • Slip down (drop)
  • Press into the vagina
  • Bulge out of the vagina

Women suffering from these health condition may also experience urinary and fecal incontinence. Transvaginal mesh or a mesh swing may then be used to help keep pelvic organs, muscles, and tissues in place.

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Defining the Uses of Surgical Mesh

Most kinds of surgical mesh are intended to permanently remain inside of the patient. Therefore, it is essential that hernia mesh manufacturers create a safe product that will not increase a patient’s risk of complications. The use of hernia mesh has helped many patients recover and move forward with their lives. However, surgical mesh is a manufactured medical device, and manufacturers do not always produce safe products. In such cases, the affected patient can suffer a great deal of physical and emotional trauma that often requires additional treatment, including another surgery.

Risks of Surgical Mesh

Surgical mesh lawsuit attorneys know that because mesh remains inside a patient’s body, any defect in the product itself can cause substantial harm to the patient. Unfortunately, more and more patients and their doctors are discovering that certain brands of surgical mesh create increased risks of post-surgical complications. These complications are now so common that the Food and Drug Administration recently issued a public safety notice about the risks that hernia mesh may cause. Some of the most common complications due to faulty hernia mesh include:

Actions to Take in Dangerous Mesh Cases

Defective mesh may need surgical removal, meaning that a patient must undergo an additional medical procedure. Depending on how the mesh affected the patient, they may need additional treatment as well such as medication to fight infection, or other treatments to repair perforation or adhesion. Furthermore, additional medical care to correct an original treatment often results in exorbitant medical bills and lengthy recovery periods.

When to Talk to a Defective Surgical Mesh Attorney

A defective surgical mesh attorney can help an injured victim determine whether their mesh caused their post-surgical complications. If you did suffer ill health and severe side effects as a result of faulty mesh, the manufacturer may be found responsible for a patient’s bills and other damages. Your mesh lawyer could help you sue the appropriate medical device manufacturer for the financial losses you suffered.