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Sometimes people become injured because someone else made a mistake that was preventable had they exercised reasonable care or caution. The situation can be a car accident, swimming pool accident, food poisoning, or a slip and fall scenario. A Pahrump personal injury lawyer understands your situation.

Your experienced injury attorney could attempt to resolve the case outside of court by negotiating with the insurance company or directly with the party at fault. If it is not possible to recover compensation, a civil lawsuit may be filed in Court.

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Determinations of fault, liability, and damages are then made by the judge and jury depending on the type of trial requested. Below is a primer on the steps in personal injury litigation.

The Parties

An injured party, or plaintiff, initiates the lawsuit by filing a complaint. The party accused of committing a negligent, reckless, or careless act is called a defendant. Multiple defendants can exist in the same case and a person or company sued for negligence in a Pahrump personal injury claim.

Filing a Pahrump Injury Claim

The plaintiff commences the lawsuit with the filing and service of the complaint with the court and serving a copy of the summons and complaint on each of the defendants. Each defendant must file an answer in response to the complaint and provide a to the plaintiff.

The complaint is a written document that sets out all the relevant facts and regarding the accident and describes each way in which each defendant failed to meet its duty of care to the plaintiff.  The complaint also provides a general description of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff in the accident.

Each defendant must file an answer.  The answer provides a written admission or denial of all the facts alleged in the complaint and also includes all the defenses that the defendant believes could defeat the plaintiff’s claims.

Discovery Process

Discovery is a phase of litigation where the parties exchange information about the case. The parties exchange all medical records, police reports, pictures and also, any other physical evidence used at trial.  Further, the parties may conduct an examination under oath of witnesses, called a deposition.  The plaintiff will use the discovery process to develop all the evidence need to prove the defendant’s liability and the amount of damages suffered by the plaintiff.

Motion Practice

Motions: written requests to the judge to take certain actions prior to trial. Pahrump accident injury lawyers use motions to help focus the issues presented at trial.


At trial, evidence proves the personal injury claims in Pahrump, determine liability and the amount of damages suffered by the plaintiff. If the plaintiff can demonstrate that the defendant caused their injuries by their negligent, reckless, or also, careless conduct, then the defendant may have liability for damages. If responsible for any part of their injuries, even if the defendant is at fault, the plaintiff’s recovery may reduce under Nevada’s modified comparative fault rules.

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Any type of accident may cause unexpected and severe injuries that may require months of recovery time. The injuries may be so severe that a full recovery is not possible; may even lead to permanent injury or also the death of the injured person.

Your Pahrump personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly to obtain compensation for all your past, current, and also, future needs. So, don’t wait!

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