Naperville, Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer

A Naperville, Illinois personal injury lawyer from Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys is exactly what you need if you were injured at the fault of another.

A personal injury claim, when defended by knowledgeable and experienced attorneys, often results in the victim receiving a fair amount of compensation for the injuries they sustained. But, in order for a claim to even begin, your attorney will have to figure out if another party did in fact cause your injuries through either negligent or reckless actions. 

So, we offer free legal consultations to accident victims to get the claims process off on the right foot. To set up your free case evaluation and consultation, call 708-222-2222, fill out this FREE online form, or text through LiveChat. We are available 24/7 and committed to providing our clients with excellent communications.

Naperville, Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer

Types of Injury Cases Handled in Naperville by Lerner and Rowe

The personal injury attorneys at Lerner and Rowe have years of experience in many facets of personal injury and wrongful death law. Here are some of the injury cases we handle every day:

Any one of these accidents can result in life-changing consequences, from multiple doctors visits to no longer being able to live alone or hold the same job. Financial compensation can, at the very least, help take the heavy monetary burden off victims’ shoulders.

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What Should Naperville, Illinois Injury Victims Do After an Accident?

After sustaining serious injuries or losing loved ones, Naperville, Illinois injury victims should complete the following steps:

  1. Seek medical attention. Even if you do not think you’re injured right away, symptoms may appear over the next few days. For instance, your neck may not hurt right after a slip and fall, but you may wake up the next day with severe whiplash.
  2. Take photos of the accident scene to share with your personal injury attorney. Snap a photo of the dark walkway that hid the puddle you slipped in, or the electrical cord that wasn’t taped down as you entered a business.
  3. Follow all of your doctor’s orders, and hold onto your doctor’s notes and incoming medical bills. 
  4. Call a Naperville accident injury lawyer from Lerner and Rowe to set up a free case evaluation and consultation.
  5. Present your evidence to your attorney and share your story.

From there, your attorney will be able to tell whether or not another party was involved in the cause of your injuries. If this is the case, they will work to strengthen your case. 

What a Personal Injury Law Firm in Naperville, Illinois Can Offer

The Naperville personal injury law firm at Lerner and Rowe offers:

  1. Free case evaluations and consultations
  2. 24/7 communication
  3. No fee until we win your case
  4. Years of experience backing your personal injury lawsuit

Our experience means that there is a higher chance of winning financial compensation than if you built your case yourself. We understand the complexities of personal injury law, and working with us will allow you to focus on your own recovery rather than maximizing your compensation.

How Might a Naperville, Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer Maximize My Compensation?

One of the ways we attempt to find a fair amount of compensation for you is by considering who may be responsible for your accident. In some cases, just one other party is responsible, like the business owner who failed to put up a “wet floor” sign. But in other cases, more than one party may have contributed to the cause of your accident. 

Here’s the bottom line: personal injury claims can be complex. And, having the experience of a Lerner and Rowe personal injury attorney on your side will make all the difference during your case.

Winning Compensation for Injuries in Naperville

Personal injuries in Naperville can be far more extensive than you realize. So, if you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to negligence, you cannot afford to move on without the financial compensation owed to you. 

There are two main types of compensation–economic and non-economic damages. When it comes to economic vs. non-economic damages, this is what you need to know:

Some insurance companies go out of their way to undervalue your claim, and so we focus on fighting them because we believe in your case. Find accident attorneys at Lerner and Rowe to start the process today.

How to Find Accident Attorneys in Naperville, IL

Finding accident injury lawyers near Naperville, Illinois from Lerner and Rowe is simple. Just call 708-222-2222 to schedule that initial consultation. Or, fill out this FREE online form or use our LiveChat feature to be connected directly. There are no fees until you win your case, and so, you have nothing to lose. Reach out to us to take the first steps towards financial compensation.