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If you or your child have been bitten by a dog in Chicago, it is important that you work with an experienced Chicago dog bite lawyer right away to protect your rights to pursue any compensation you may need.

Although Illinois has tough dog bite protections in place, victims should immediately hire a personal injury attorney so that the investigation and gathering of critical evidence may begin immediately. The strategic actions by an attorney can significantly impact the value of a dog bite claim.

Illinois Dog Bite Facts

Dog bites may be costly, in terms of medical care. Other damages suffered by victims make it imperative to consult with a Chicago dog bite injury lawyer immediately. One metro area insurer stated that in 2013, it processed 309 dog bite claims; costing the company a grand sum of $8.9 million.

Children are the most common dog bite victims, followed by seniors. Of the 4.5-million dog bites annually tracked by the CDC, about half involved child victims.

Observation of the Animal

Under Illinois law, dogs who have bitten someone must be observed by a licensed veterinarian for a period of no less than 10 days, to confirm that they do not have or are not developing rabies or other contagious diseases.

If owners can prove proper vaccinations for rabies and up-to-date shots; then the confinement period can take place inside the owner’s home. The veterinarian must still examine the dog at the end of the confinement period and also certify that the animal is fit for release.

Only a qualified veterinarian familiar with the dog’s medical history can release the animal from confinement prior to end of the 10-day period.

The confinement period must begin within 24 hours of the biting incident. It is illegal for any dog owner to fail to surrender the animal to the veterinarian within 24 hours or otherwise dispose of the animal to avoid the required monitoring.

Talk to a Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Today

There are many different circumstances that may have led to your suffering a dog bite attack. Your Chicago dog bite injury lawyer will want to investigate whether the dog owner’s negligence caused your injuries.

Chicago has strict leash laws and if the offending dog was off leash, the burden to satisfactorily prove liability.

A Chicago dog bite injury lawyer can also serve as a liaison with the city investigators. The animal control department and the police must investigate any dog bite allegation where the victim suffered serious injury.

Whatever the details involved in your dog bite attack, a Chicago attorney can be by the victim’s side throughout the entire process, from the initial investigation through the resolution of a personal injury claim.

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