The Ultimate Roadtrip Safety Checklist

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If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you probably spend at least one weekend a year out on a roadtrip. Whether that trip leads you to Mt. Rainier, Eugene, Oregon, or down the west coast into California, you will no doubt see your fair share of gorgeous scenery and fun. However, you may also see reckless drivers, deal with mechanical issues in your vehicle, and possibly get lost or even hurt in a wreck.

Our personal injury attorneys in Seattle want you to fully enjoy your roadtrip without a worry to slow you down. So, we have compiled your Ultimate Roadtrip Safety Checklist. Follow our tips for peace of mind as you travel.

Check this out, as well as our favorite car ride games for the whole family. If you’re not already planning a roadtrip, after reading our list, you will want to start!

Before Your Roadtrip:

Preparing for any trip can be daunting, and a roadtrip can add even more pressure. This is because there are so many things to consider as your day of departure draws near.

To DO:

When it comes to road safety, you will want to DO a few important things before hitting the pavement.

  • Schedule a vehicle tune-up with your mechanic. You will want to do this with time to spare before your departure date, in case your mechanic finds a bigger issue with your vehicle.
  • Pay attention to your last oil change date, and make sure your mechanic changes the oil for you if necessary.
  • Check tires and fluids. While your mechanic will do this at your vehicle’s tune-up, it is important to double check them right before leaving. Don’t forget to check your spare tire as well; they are often forgotten and not road-worthy when needed.
  • Consider your vehicle’s security system. Does it have one? Is it up-to-date? Look into upgrades to deter possible thieves.
  • Purchase a portable car charger. Batteries seem to run out at the worst possible times, like when you have no cell phone service, you’re in the middle of nowhere, or it’s the dead of night. Portable car chargers will charge your battery up again without needing another vehicle to kickstart it for you.

Finally, be sure to get some sleep in preparation for your roadtrip. Your vehicle may be prepped and ready to go, but that means nothing if the driver is too tired to drive. When both vehicle and driver are prepared, your roadtrip will go smoothly.


To enhance your trip, PACK these essentials in your vehicle.

  • Put together an emergency kit. Include items like bandages, scissors, trash bags, antibacterial ointment, a candle, rubbing alcohol, and other first aid items.
  • Maps can save your family if your GPS goes awry. Purchase a new map (published in the same year as your trip) and look over your route before leaving town.
  • Bring important documents, like car insurance paperwork, health insurance cards for medical emergencies, identification cards, and passports if headed to Canada. Keep them in a watertight, sturdy file case so the papers do not get crushed, torn, or waterlogged.
  • Healthy snacks will leave you feeling energized and ready for adventure. Pack things like granola bars, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and trail mixes.
  • Even after tuning up your vehicle, anything can happen on the roads. Bring along the proper tools, like those needed for changing a tire and recharging a battery.
  • Window coverings are a nice bonus item to add to any roadtrip, especially if you have younger, napping passengers.

Don’t forget your other essentials, like suitcases and camping equipment. If you forget something, don’t sweat it! Purchase what you left behind if possible, or have a friend mail it to your destination. You can also get our Lerner and Rowe app to keep on your phone in case of an accident.

Heading out:

There are two important things you should always do before any trip. First, share your route and ending location with a trusted friend or family member. That way, if something happens to you, they will know your general whereabouts. This can especially help if you are stuck in an area far from town with no phone service.

Second, always have a plan. Choose a secondary route if your first choice is not clear or full of traffic or construction. Also, look for hospitals as you travel in case someone in your party gets sick during the trip. If you are in an accident while traveling, call the personal injury attorneys in Seattle at Lerner and Rowe.

While you don’t want to think of every negative outcome, it is important to keep your cool and know what to do should the worst happen. Chances are, you will have the relaxing vacation you hoped for. If not, you will be well prepared.

DURING Your Trip:

Follow these tips to ensure safety during your roadtrip:

  • Buckle up, and make sure your passengers are buckled up too!
  • Sleep. If you are behind the wheel and are struggling to keep your eyes open, take a quick nap at a rest stop. You will feel much better, and your passengers will feel much safer.
  • Continue to utilize your map as a compliment to your GPS. While GPS is incredibly helpful, sometimes it can lead you astray.
  • Watch for reckless behavior in other drivers. They may be driving too fast, driving too slow, swerving, making sudden stops, or showing signs of road rage. Stay away from these drivers as much as possible. If you do get hit by a reckless driver, contact our Washington accident attorneys for a free case consultation.

Finally, plan some fun car games to pass the time! Here are our favorites:

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