• Accident Causes

    Cell Phone Use

    Seattle (June 6, 2019) – Cell phones have been the direct cause of 14 car accidents in the city of Seattle this year so far. King county as a whole has had 53, and the entire state has had 166. Two of these car accidents have resulted in fatalities.

    When headed out your door, set your phone aside. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents in Washington. If you suspect your accident was caused by another’s distraction, call Lerner and Rowe.

    King County’s Teens

    King County (May 10, 2018) – It’s no secret that new drivers tend to get into the most accidents. In King County, it’s no different. So far in 2019, teen drivers (aged 16-19 years old) were involved in 35 crashes to date. Thankfully, only 15 of these resulted in any kind of injury. One of these was fatal. As your teen prepares for their new license or first summer of driving freedom, remind them of best driving practices, like leaving a space cushion between other vehicles, avoiding distractions, and constantly checking mirrors. Above all, practice makes perfect! Source: WSDOT


  • Accident Statistics

    Seattle Crashes

    Seattle (May 10, 2018)- In Seattle, numbers for roadway crashes this year have been growing. While there have been 4 fatalities, 1,296 total crashes occurred in Seattle this year. Of these, 669 resulted in some kind of injury. King County as a whole has sustained 6,584 crashes this year so far, with 2,023 resulting in injury. 15 crashes proved fatal. To stay safe on Washington roads, be sure to follow general safe driving practices throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Source: WSDOT

  • News

    Crazy Heat Buckles Roads

    Seattle (June 12, 2019) – Our Seattle heat wave continues, causing more problems than anticipated. Today, a South Seattle road buckled due to the immense heat during the middle of rush hour. Southbound traffic was reduced to one lane, and Northbound 4th Avenue was closed at S. Industrial Way.

    Officials reopened the road just before midnight, though it is by no means a permanent fix. The road now has a sizeable bump, and speeds have been reduced to 10 mph in the area.

    If this road is a part of your commute, plan extra travel time. Also, pay attention to those around you, as they may not notice the new speeds and drive too quickly. So far no injuries have been reported, but if you are injured in a wreck on Northbound 4th Avenue, call Lerner and Rowe.  Source: Q13 Fox

    Heat Record in Seattle?

    Seattle (May 10, 2019) – Heat record?! Seattle got a break from our cloudy, rainy weather this week by breaking heat records- not usual for early May. The old record of 81 degrees was broken and replaced by 83 on Thursday. More records may break as the days go on.

    We have also experienced ten days of dry weather, which means that wildfire conditions are getting higher. While you are outside in the coming months, be careful and conscientious of how you handle cigarettes, campfires, lighters, and more. If you see fire, call 911. Source: Seattle Times