• Accident Causes

    2021 Deadliest Year on Tennessee Highways Since 2010

    Statewide (June 2022) – Traffic fatalities are the highest they’ve been in Tennessee since 2010, according to the Department of Safety & Homeland Security. In 2021, there were 1,327 traffic fatalities in the state compared to 2020 with 1,217. This is a 9% increase overall, with crashes increasing 16% from just 2 years ago in 2019. In 2022, so far, the state has recorded 579 traffic-related fatalities. In Nashville alone in 2021, there were 131 fatal car accidents.

    Contact Lerner and Rowe’s Nashville personal injury lawyers if you or a loved one has been harmed in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Source: TN.gov

    Causes of Car Accidents in Arizona in 2020

    Statewide (June 20, 2022) – Car accidents in Arizona have increased in the past year, with numbers reaching a 15-year high in 2021. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the number of total accidents decreased from 2019 to 2020 by 24.23%. However, the number of total fatal accidents increased by 7.86%. Alcohol-related fatalities and injuries decreased by 29.84% and 4.53%.

    Distracted driving and alcohol were the top causes of Arizona car accidents in 2020. Alcohol related crashes made up 4.56% of all car accidents, both fatal and non-fatal. Over 2,800 people were injured in alcohol-related car accidents in 2020. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in Arizona, call Lerner and Rowe today. Source: ADOT

    Moose in Roadway Caused Deadly Crash

    Spokane (January 20, 2022) – One man was killed and another was injured in a car accident involving a moose last week. The collision occurred on the evening of January 12 on Interstate 90, roughly 12 miles west of Spokane.

    According to Washington State Patrol (WSP), a westbound 2010 Mazda3 struck the animal, which was in the left lane near mile marker 264, around 6:45 p.m. The driver, 63-year-old Scott Brodie, was transported to Sacred Heart Medical Center where he died a few days later. His passenger was also hurt, but survived. Both occupants had been wearing their seatbelts.

    Accidents involving wildlife aren’t uncommon. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) reported more than 1,300 wildlife-involved crashes in 2021 alone. Source: KREM 2

    Dozens of Crashes Attributed to Icy Roads

    Tri-Cities (December 30, 2021) – Washington State Patrol (WSP) says more than 70 car accidents in the Tri-Cities area today have been caused by snow and ice on Washington roads, including one crash that resulted in a fatality. Blizzard conditions were reported on I-82 south of the Tri-Cities, while near-zero visibility resulted in hours-long road closures on I-84 and I-90.

    Between freezing rain, snow, and high winds, troopers are advising motorists to stay home until weather conditions improve. If you do need to go out, WSP reminds drivers to slow down. “All of these are just people driving too fast for the roadway conditions,” said Trooper Chris Thorson.

    By noon, police had responded to a vehicle rollover, a semi-truck accident, and a vehicle fire in addition to dozens of other weather-related accidents. Source: Tri-City Herald

    Wet Weather Causing Cars to Hydroplane, Crash

    Lakewood (December 16, 2021) – Washington State Patrol (WSP) troopers are cautioning drivers to slow down after a series of incidents involving hydroplaning vehicles and weather-related car accidents in the South Sound. WSP troopers say there’s been a significant uptick in accidents throughout Pierce and Thurston County.

    The NHTSA Fatality and Injury Reporting System Tool (FIRST) reports that there were 354 fatal crashes in Washington state between 2015 and 2019 involving adverse weather such as rain, sleet, hail, snow, and fog. According to the data, 46.3% of fatal wet weather accidents occurred between November and January, with December being the deadliest month.

    Many of these accidents can be prevented. For more information, check out our top three tips for driving in the snow in Washington. Source: Fox 13 Seattle

    Suspected Drunk Driver Injures Kennewick Motorcyclist

    Kennewick (November 24, 2021) – A 25-year-old man is recovering from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident with a suspected drunk driver. Kaleb Trogdon of Kennewick, Washington was thrown from his bike and had his body wrapped around a fire hydrant when 40-year-old Aron Michael Salazar turned right in front of him.

    According to family, Trogdon suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple compound fractures, a broken pelvis, and a lacerated spleen. He has already undergone 15 hours of surgery and will likely need a costly hip replacement in the near future.

    Salazar has been charged with vehicular assault and appeared to be intoxicated at the scene of the crash. Source: KEPR

    Windstorm Causes Tree to Fall On Car, Killing Two

    Preston (October 28, 2021) – A woman and her son died in a single-vehicle accident on their way home from picking Halloween pumpkins last Sunday. According to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office, 59-year-old Camille Martlin and 22-year-old Max Martlin both suffered fatal blunt force injuries when a tree broke about 20 feet off the ground and fell directly onto the car’s passenger side.

    The massive tree had a circumference of about 8 feet at its base and seems to have been brought down by the same windstorm that knocked over power lines and left thousands of people in western Washington without power.

    King County Sheriff’s Sergeant Tim Meyer stated that the tragedy was “a collision of inches” and described the deaths as “truly a freak incident.” Source: Seattle Times

    Ice, Fog Played a Role in US-195 Car Crash

    Spokane (October 14, 2021) – The Washington State Patrol (WSP) said a multi-vehicle crash on US-195 this morning was caused in part by icy and foggy road conditions. The car accident occurred in the southbound travel lanes, about half a mile north of Sprangle. Police say an SUV rolled over and caused two additional vehicles to crash.

    On Twitter, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) cautioned drivers in the Spokane area to turn on their headlights and allow for extra distance between their vehicles and the vehicles in front of them due to the ice and fog. With the season’s first snowfall on its way, the personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys remind Washington drivers to review best practices for driving in snowy conditions. Source: KREM 2

    Wet Weather, Speed to Blame for Deadly I-90 Crash

    Snoqualmie (September 23, 2021) – Three people were killed last Saturday in a car accident on Interstate 90, near Snoqualmie. Washington State Patrol (WSP) has attributed the crash to a combination of wet roads and driving too fast for conditions.

    According to WSP, 42-year-old James Budnick was driving eastbound on I-90 when his vehicle hydroplaned, ultimately crossing the median into westbound traffic. 64-year-old James Horner’s vehicle then struck Budnick’s car. Budnik and his 34-year-old passenger, Alyxandria McGriff, both died at the scene. Horner was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he also died of his injuries.

    Even the most experienced drivers can be caught off guard by wet weather conditions. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, contact a Seattle personal injury lawyer. Source: Kent Reporter

    Speed and Alcohol To Blame for Fatal Collision

    Yakima (September 9, 2021) – Three people were killed and two others wounded after a Yakima car accident police say was caused by speeding and driving under the influence. 20-year-old Kolby Funkhouser was taken into custody this week after being released from the hospital.

    Police say that Funkhouser’s vehicle “reeked of beer” at the scene of an August 30 car crash that killed his passenger, 23-year-old Mason Euteneier, and two passengers in another car, 20-year-old Kiona Whitefoot and 19-year-old Steve Bueno. The driver of that car, 23-year-old Kisha Whitefoot, and her 5-year-old daughter both survived the crash, although the child suffered a lacerated liver.

    Funkhouser, who was also hurt, has been charged with three counts of vehicular homicide in addition to two counts of vehicular assault. Source: KIRO7

  • Accident Statistics

    2021 Ranked Deadliest Year For Washington Roads in 15 Years

    According to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), the state had 540 fatal crashes in 2021—the highest number since 2006. These crashes killed over 600 people. Out of those killed in crashes, 118 involved pedestrians and bicyclists. Along with the 540 fatal car accidents in Washington last year, there were additional 2,411 crashes that resulted in serious injury. This is a 16% increase from 2020 to 2021.

    According to data from the Seattle Department of Transportation, 31 people were killed in car crashes in 2021. This is also the highest number since 2006. Out of these fatalities, 19 of them were pedestrians. Contact Lerner and Rowe today if you or a loved one have been hurt in a Seattle car accident. Source: WSDOT

    2021 Washington Traffic Accidents

    Statewide (January 6, 2022) – There were 73,906 auto accidents in the state of Washington in 2021, according to the latest data from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The number of overall accidents dropped by 9.7% from 2020, which had itself experienced a dramatic 22.7% decline from 2019.

    Fatal and serious injury accidents, on the other hand, didn’t see a similar reduction. In fact, the percentage of fatal accidents rose from less than 0.5% in 2019 to 0.7% in 2021.

    Despite there being fewer accidents overall, serious injury crashes have increased. There were more than 2,300 serious injury accidents in 2021, compared to around 2,000 in 2020, and less than 1,940 in 2019. Source: WSDOT

    Pedestrian and Bicyclist Accident Trends During the Pandemic

    Statewide (December 3, 2021) – The most recent Active Transportation: Annual Safety Report released by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is shedding some light on pedestrian and bicyclist accident trends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    According to the report, pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities stayed relatively steady in 2020. Serious injuries, on the other hand, decreased by about 13% compared to the previous year. And although walking and biking represented just 12% of all trips, approximately 22% of all fatal and serious traffic accidents involved a pedestrian or bicyclist.

    During the first year of the pandemic, 90.8% of all bicycle and pedestrian accidents occurred in population centers like Seattle. In addition, 58% of accidents occurred on city streets, 30% on state highways, and 12% on county roads. Source: WSDOT

    Washington Pedestrian Accidents, 2016 – 2020

    Statewide (November 5, 2021) – According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, there were 513 pedestrian fatalities between 2016 and 2020. Another 1,792 pedestrians were seriously injured, and as many as 3,716 suffered minor injuries. Roughly 4,698 pedestrians reportedly had “possible injuries,” and just 497 were not injured at all.

    In total, 11,216 people were involved in pedestrian accidents in the past five years in Washington. At least 4.6% of pedestrians died, and 91% suffered potential serious or minor injuries. Just 4.4% walked away without any injuries.

    Pedestrians are among our most vulnerable road users. If you or a loved one has been hit by a car, motorcycle, or bicycle while walking, contact our Seattle personal injury lawyers for a free consultation. Source: WSDOT

    WA Crashes Involving Cell Phone Use, 2011–2020

    Statewide (October 8, 2021) – The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) reported 6,319 car accidents involving cell phone use between 2011 and 2020. Cell phone-involved crashes peaked in 2016, with 774 crashes reported that year.

    The Washington Traffic Safety Commission reports that cell phone use is the most common type of distracted driving, with 70% of observed distracted drivers using a cell phone behind the wheel. Drivers are three times more likely to get into an accident while talking on the phone.

    Motor vehicle crashes caused by cell phone use can be difficult to track, especially when they result in fatalities. Drivers may also be hesitant to admit to using their cell phone, especially since holding a cell phone while driving has been illegal since 2017. Source: WSDOT

    Bicycle Accidents in Seattle, YTD

    Seattle Metropolitan Area (September 2, 2021) – At least 35 bicyclists have been seriously injured or killed in bicycle accidents in the Seattle Metropolitan Area so far in 2021. Data from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) shows that 25 of the accidents have occurred in King County, six in Snohomish County, and four in Pierce County. Four fatalities have been reported.

    Despite being known as one of America’s most bike-friendly cities, Seattle has still seen its share of bike accidents caused by negligence. For example, at least 20% of this year’s serious accidents were in part caused by distracted drivers. Several more have been attributed to speeding, large trucks, or school buses.

    Injured in a bike crash? The Seattle personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys can help. Contact us today by calling 844-977-1900. Source: WSDOT

    2020 Distracted Driving Fatalities

    Statewide (August 5, 2021) – Data from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) indicates that there were at least 102 deaths attributed to distracted driving crashes throughout Washington last year.

    The agency recorded a total of 98 fatal accidents caused by distracted driving in 2020. In addition, 427 people were seriously injured in 372 non-fatal distracted driving accidents. Serious injuries can range anywhere from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis.

    In total, there were 470 serious injury or fatal car accidents in Washington related to inattentive driving last year. Hundreds more likely weren’t recorded due to underreporting. If you were injured by a distracted driver, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact a Seattle personal injury lawyer for more info today. Source: WSDOT

    Washington Traffic Accidents, Year to Date

    Statewide (July 8, 2021) – In just over six months, there have been 35,885 traffic accidents reported in the state of Washington. At least 213 of these crashes have resulted in fatalities, and another 1,102 have led to suspected serious injuries, according to data from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). While the vast majority were car accidents, the following is a breakdown of other crashes which have occurred on Washington roads in 2021:

    Source: WSDOT

    48 Pedestrians Killed in Washington This Year

    Statewide (June 17, 2021) – According to the latest crash data obtained from the Washington State Department of Transportation, 48 people have lost their lives in pedestrian accidents in 2021. In total, there have been 197 pedestrian-involved fatal or serious injury crashes throughout the state this year.

    Nearly 57% of all car accidents involving a pedestrian have occurred in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. In King County alone, 68 crashes have led to serious injuries or the death of a pedestrian. Of all accidents in the state, roughly 15.7% of pedestrian accidents involved a driver or pedestrian who was impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. Another 15.7% involved inattention or distraction. Overall, fatalities and injuries appear to be on par with this time last year. Source: WSDOT

    Washington State Car Accidents, Year to Date

    Statewide (May 20, 2021) – There have been 25,415 car accidents reported throughout the state of Washington in the first four and a half months of 2021.

    About 71.5% of reported crashes have resulted in no apparent injuries, with 18,183 crashes logged as property damage only. Possible or suspected minor injuries were reported in about 25% of accidents, and serious injuries have occurred in about 2.9% of collisions. Overall, just 0.6% of 2021 accidents have resulted in fatalities, with 143 deadly traffic accidents reported this year.

    About 23% of these accidents involved speeding. Drunk or drugged drivers contributed to a little over 20% of fatal or serious injury wrecks, and another 12.9% were due to inattentive driving. Source: WSDOT

  • News

    Pedestrians Rescued From Overturned Semi-Truck in Seattle

    Seattle (June 8, 2022) – A pedestrian was rescued after a semi-truck trailer flipped and pinned them underneath. The truck flipped while making a turn, according to the Seattle Fire Department. Crews rescued the pedestrian trapped underneath—she was stable upon arriving at the hospital.

    Another pedestrian was injured as she jumped out of the trailer’s path, SFD officials said. She was also taken to the hospital in stable condition. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys. Source: K5 News

    Man Dead After Seattle DUI Crash

    Seattle (May 26, 2022) – The body of a man who was hit by a drunk driver on the Ship Canal Bridge has been recovered. The car accident occurred at approximately 5:00 a.m. on May 23. The man’s car stalled on the bridge.

    According to Washington State Police, the victim was standing on the road when a second driver hit the stalled car. The impact sent the driver of the broken-down automobile over the bridge and into the water. The second driver was arrested for DUI. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by a DUI, or suffered a wrongful death, contact Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys. Source: Tacoma News Tribune

    Mother and Child Killed in DUI Crash

    Fall City (January 13, 2022) – A mother and her 6-year-old child both perished after their truck was swept into Snoqualmie River on January 9. The driver of that vehicle was the woman’s husband, a man in his 30s who police say is now facing charges of driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.

    According to investigators, the car accident occurred around 2:00 a.m. on State Route 202. The unnamed man attempted to make a left turn, lost control of his truck, and tumbled into the river. While the man escaped with an eight-month-old infant, the other two passengers were swept into raging, cold waters.

    The 6-year-old’s body has since been located. At this time, the missing mother is presumed dead. Source: Komo News

    Motorists Should Prepare for Holiday Cold Snap

    King County (December 23, 2021) – King County is set to experience some of the coldest weather of the winter season in the days leading up to Christmas. Sub-freezing temperatures and snow are expected over the next several days, just as thousands of Washington residents are set to travel for the holiday weekend.

    Officials are encouraging people to delay travel plans if possible due to snowy and icy roads, which put motorists at a higher risk of getting into a car accident. If you absolutely must go out, it is recommended to bring an emergency kit in your vehicle including extra clothing, nonperishable food, water, and a flashlight.

    If you’re staying put this holiday, be sure to also stock up on emergency supplies in case of storm-related power outages. Source: King County Emergency News

    6 Injured in Highway Crash Involving Bus, Dump Truck

    Renton (December 9, 2021) – A total of six people were taken to area hospitals last week after a multi-vehicle crash involving a Metro bus, a dump truck, and multiple passenger cars. The auto accident occurred at the intersection of Maple Valley Highway and 140th Avenue Southeast on December 2, just after 6:00 p.m.

    According to police, the dump truck struck two cars before it hit the Metro bus, which then hit several other vehicles. Although there were no passengers onboard the bus, injuries were reported from the other vehicles, including one person with life-threatening injuries, two people with serious injuries, and two with minor injuries. It is unclear what caused the dump truck to hit the other vehicles at this time. Source: Seattle Times

    Woman Survives Crash That Folded Car in Half

    Mt. Vernon (November 18, 2021) – A 46-year-old woman is lucky to be alive after a terrifying car accident on Tuesday morning in Mt. Vernon. Washington State Patrol said a woman driving a 2015 Nissan Altima got sandwiched between two semi-trucks on Interstate 5 due to heavy traffic.

    As traffic slowed down, the Altima was rear-ended by the trailing semi. With nowhere else to go, the Altima slid under the leading semi-truck, effectively folding and crushing the vehicle in half. Miraculously, the unnamed woman sustained only minor injuries, despite the semi coming to rest on top of her vehicle.

    According to police, the accident was caused by the rear semi-truck following too closely. The driver was cited and fined $189. Source: Fox 8

    Seven People Rescued After Car Goes Over Cliff

    Arlington (October 21, 2021) – Seven people had to be extricated by search and rescue and fire crews after their vehicle went over a cliff last Saturday. The car accident occurred around 6:00 p.m. on a forest service road to the Boulder River Trailhead in Snohomish County.

    One of the victims was critically injured and had to be airlifted to the hospital. The six remaining passengers were taken by ambulance to local hospitals for treatment of their injuries. It’s not clear at this time what caused the car to go over the cliffside, but the Washington Trails Association (WTA) has described the road to Boulder River Trailhead as “badly potholed in some places.” Source: Seattle Times

    Two Fatal Accidents Reported Overnight in Bellingham

    Bellingham (September 30, 2021) – Two people were killed in separate traffic accidents within an hour and three miles of one another on September 28 in Bellingham, Washington.

    Just before 8:00 p.m., a 54-year-old man was killed in a bicycle accident on Mount Baker Highway near Chance Road. Police say he was struck by a car headed in the same direction. The driver reportedly could not see the cyclist, who was wearing dark clothing.

    Later, just before 9:00 p.m., police responded to a single-vehicle crash into a tree at the intersection of Woburn, Iowa and Yew. A 28-year-old passenger in that vehicle died at the scene. 24-year-old driver Oscar A Bengoa-Alas has since been charged with vehicular homicide. Source: Bellingham Herald

    Aurora Reimagined Coalition Calls for Road Improvements

    Seattle (September 16, 2021) – According to the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), at least 20 people have died on Aurora Avenue since 2015. A group of concerned community members calling themselves the Aurora Reimagined Coalition has banded together in order to make this major street safer for all users, particularly pedestrians and bicyclists.

    The grassroots campaign spent the summer walking certain stretches of Aurora and collecting public input in order to reimagine a safer, more inclusive high-volume traffic corridor. The Aurora Reimagined Coalition hopes to influence city planners, who will receive $2 million in funding next year to assess Aurora Avenue’s issues and fund improvements.

    The coalition has suggested adding protected freight, public transit, and bike lanes, expanding sidewalks, adding more crosswalks, and removing all-purpose traffic lanes that encourage speeding. Source: Crosscut

    WSDOT Reminds Drivers to Travel Safe This Labor Day

    Statewide (August 26, 2021) – Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is sharing some tips and tricks for staying safe if you’re hitting the road for the holiday weekend.

    The good news is that most state highway construction work will be paused during the long weekend, allowing for quicker and more efficient travel. On the other hand, large amounts of traffic are expected on the following corridors:

    • I-5 between Olympia and Tacoma
    • I-90 between North Bend and Cle Elum
    • US 2 between Skykomish to Stevens Pass

    To avoid delays and increased risk of car accidents, the agency recommends avoiding these areas during peak hours on Friday and Monday between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Source: WSDOT