Seattle Paralysis Attorney

Severe trauma to the brain or spinal cord (such as you would experience in a car accident) may result in partial or complete paralysis. A paralysis attorney will be required because of the extraordinary cost of the medical treatment necessary.

The type of paralysis a person experiences will contribute to limiting the ability a person has to move and function independently. Some individuals will need the permanent assistance of another person and/or medical equipment such as lifts, specially equipped vehicles, wheelchairs, feeding tubes and catheters after their injury. Handling this life altering condition is emotionally, financially and physically draining. Lerner and Rowe paralysis attorneys are here to help fight for you, so all you have to worry about is healing… not becoming stressed and overwhelmed with the expenses associated with treating the paralysis injury you or your loved one is suffering from.

Washington Paralysis Attorney

When an accident occurs that results in a paralysis or another spinal cord injury, the paralysis attorney you hire should be familiar with spinal injuries. An experienced paralysis attorney will understand both Washington state law and the long term costs required to pay for the treatment and care of victims of paralysis injuries. You need a paralysis attorney to ensure that the best medical care is delivered in an expedited manner to prevent further injury.

Dealing with a dramatic life change resulting from a serious spinal injury such as paralysis takes a serious emotional toll on both the paralysis victim and their family members. Dealing with the new long term care requirements of the family member is difficult enough without agonizing over medical expenses. A paralysis attorney will be able to help you pay immediate and pressing medical bills; and then assist in estimating the cost of long term care requirements. Then, your paralysis attorney will fight to get you that compensation.

Paralysis Attorney

When paralysis occurs because of: an act of violence; a birth defect; another person’s negligent care of an individual or maintenance of a product which resulted in injury; or someone failed to fully explain the possible risks associated with:

  • Surgery,
  • Activity
  • Procedure which resulted in personal injury.

The injured person deserves to receive compensation and money damages for the damage caused.

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Paralysis Attorney Consultations

Paralysis affects individuals of all ages. Newborns, teenagers and adults are all subject to spinal cord injuries that can lead to paralysis. Paralyzed due to the negligence of another? Contact a Seattle paralysis attorney with experience representing cases involving brain and spinal cord injuries.

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