Know Your Limits And Prevent Driving Under The Influence

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Group of friends at bar talking to barman, smiling

Memorial Day weekend is full of fun with friends, enjoying time by the pool and social drinking at Memorial Day parties. As DUI Attorneys, Lerner & Rowe Law Group supports responsible drinking and the use of a designated driver. We also understand that sometimes people make mistakes and choose to drink and drive when they shouldn’t.

And if you do decide to drink and drunk, know that Arizona police are cracking down on DUI’s, state DUI laws are getting tougher and the penalties are getting heavier.

This Memorial Day weekend, we encourage you to be aware or your limits and to avoid driving under the influence. The following are a few tips on how to enjoy your holiday weekend responsibly.

Hand Over the Keys

In a social setting, the best way to prevent party goers from driving home drunk is to collect car keys at the door and hand them over to a sober designated key holder. The person in charge of the keys will be responsible for making sure that no one drives off under the influence, or decides to sleep in their vehicle (which is also a DUI in Arizona).

Make it a Staycation

If you and your friends are planning on drinking heavily, make alternative lodging arrangements ahead of time. Reserving a room at a hotel that hosts an event onsite is a fun way to enjoy the weekend, a few drinks and removes the possibility of getting behind the wheel.

Use a Designated Driver

If you are going downtown or driving to an event with friends, make sure to choose a designated driver before consuming alcohol. That designated driver can make sure your group travels home safe and will be able to drive defensively on a holiday weekend.

Plan Ahead For a Cab

On holiday weekends, it can be difficult to flag down a cab or arrange for another driver. To avoid long cab lines and wait times, arrange for a cab to pick you up in advance from a pre-planned location.

Also in your holiday pre-planning, don’t forget to take a moment to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country. Share this blog with friends and family to support responsible drinking and have a safe Memorial Day!

If you or someone you know does make a bad decision this holiday weekend and is charged with a DUI, call Lerner & Rowe Law Group at 602-977-1900.