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At Lerner and Rowe, we understand that the pain, suffering and disfigurement a burn victim can experience is among the worst of any personal injury. These type of injuries hurt people of all ages, but are most common among the elderly and young children.  They are also among the most common types of traumatic injury to hurt a person after traffic accidents, violent attacks and falls. {Source: UptoDate.com}

If you or a loved one was suffered a burn injury, our legal team is ready to aggressively fight any insurance company that tries to minimize a payout for your pain, suffering and other damages.

What Are Common Causes of Burn Injury Accidents?

The most common causes of burn injuries include:

  • Open flames / fire
  • Scalding hot steam, water or  beverages
  • Lit cigarettes, irons or coals
  • Defective electronic appliances or electric wires
  • Harmful chemicals or fumes
  • Fireworks
  • Radiation exposure
  • Lightning strikes

Depending on the severity of injuries – multiple surgeries and long-term medical care and therapy may be necessary for a full and healthy recovery.

The damages that a burn victim faces are not only physical, but psychological as well. Being burned to such a traumatizing degree takes an extreme toll on the victim’s self esteem and can potentially cause depression. The compensation you may receive could cover therapy and psychological care to help the victim as well as the victim’s family.

Burned and Not Sure Where to Turn? Don’t Suffer Alone –

Our aggressive attorneys are ready to fight and will go after those responsible for your injuries. They will help build a case that will hold responsible parties liable for medical expenses, lost-wages, damages as well as pain and suffering.

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