Should I Settle with the Insurance Company After an Accident?

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It’s a question the Nashville personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys hear again and again: “Should I settle with the insurance company after an accident?” Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. For accidents that result in less serious injuries, accepting a settlement offer might be the most efficient course of action. 

In other cases, though, such as accidents that result in significant injury, disability, or wrongful death, you may wish to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the insurance company or another at-fault party. Learn more about car accident insurance claim settlements, including how to determine whether or not you should accept an offer.

Signs You Shouldn’t Accept an Insurance Settlement

Insurance companies may utilize a variety of decision-making processes and tactics to calculate the value of your injury claim. Sometimes, the circumstances surrounding a settlement offer may be a good indication that you shouldn’t accept it. Here are some red flags to look out for when dealing with the car insurance company.

The insurance company makes a settlement offer very quickly after an accident. 

After an accident for which another driver was at fault, you may be surprised to hear from their insurance company within just a few days. It is in your best interest not to accept any settlement offer that comes your way this quickly. 

The reason for this is because a few days is often not enough time to ensure that all of your injuries and economic losses have been accounted for. Some car accident injuries take days or even weeks to start showing symptoms—if you sign a settlement agreement too soon, you may only find out after the fact that your injuries were more severe or long-lasting than you or your doctors originally thought. And unfortunately, in most cases you cannot reopen an injury case after you’ve formally accepted a settlement.

The insurance company claims that if you don’t accept an offer now, it will be decreased or rescinded.

Although it is possible for a car insurance company to revoke a settlement offer or lower the amount they are willing to offer you, this is not a likely scenario. In truth, insurance companies know that many injured claimants or their attorneys will reject a first settlement offer; this is why adjusters start negotiations with a lowball insurance settlement offer. If an insurance company does this to you, it’s a sign you probably shouldn’t accept the offer and should consult an experienced lawyer in the meantime.

The insurance company tries to pin part of the blame on you. 

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While sometimes it’s true that more than one driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or bicyclist is partially at fault for an accident, insurance companies may try to unfairly reduce your settlement by claiming that you were partly to blame for an accident—even if you actually weren’t.

You can avoid falling into this trap by having an attorney review your case as soon as possible after a crash. Then, if the claims adjuster has questions about what happened the day of the accident, your lawyer can source and provide evidence that proves you weren’t at fault.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Get the Best Settlement

Understandably, many personal injury victims are nervous about talking to a lawyer after an accident. They may express concerns about whether or not their claim is “serious” enough to warrant filing a lawsuit. The good news is that, in the majority of cases, you won’t have to file a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation you need. In many cases, with the help of a Nashville car accident lawyer, you can secure a fair car accident insurance claim settlement without having to set foot in court.

An experienced auto accident attorney can help you maximize your settlement by gathering evidence, calculating the true value of your compensatory damages (including hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.), and standing up to big insurance companies on your behalf. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached out of court, your attorney will represent you during your trial.

If you’ve been dealing with the insurance company on your own up until this point and think you may need assistance, give us a call at the number below. Until you’ve signed a settlement agreement and received your check, it’s not too late to talk to a lawyer.

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