RoundUp Verdict Reached, Bayer Faces Liability 

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Bayer suffered a second defeat at the hands of U.S. Courts from claims that the weed-killer RoundUp causes cancer.

Bayers legal woes stem from the acquisition of Monsanto Co., following the finalized $63 billion transaction in June of 2018. They worsened with the loss of a separate California case that was ruled in favor of a school groundskeeper with cancer last year. That lawsuit eventually led to $78.6 million in damages.

Hardeman v. Monsanto

Bayer lost the first phase of Edward Hardeman v. Monsanto Company, a jury trial in San Francisco, a case of an employee, Edwin Hardeman, who suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, from daily use of RoundUp on his property for decades. This initial stage established that the weedkiller did play a role in Hardeman’s cancer.

During the second phase of the trial, Hardeman’s lawyers will further argue that the company should be held liable for damages. His lawyers will do this by presenting internal Monsanto documents that may show the company’s knowledge of the dangers of RoundUp and attempts to cover up these dangers.

Future Trials

A third trial is scheduled to begin in April, also in California, where allegations about Monsanto’s research and regulations will reach the courtroom. This case’s expedited hearing was due to the same California law as the previous California trial, which gives scheduling preference to sick and/or dying.

In addition to these trials, Bayer faces over 10,000 lawsuits nationwide.

Are You a Victim of RoundUp?

Did you or a loved one have at least 3 years of direct exposure to Roundup and a minimum of 3 uses/exposures per year? Were you or a loved one diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma  after using the weed killer RoundUp?

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