Monsoon Season in New Mexico—How to Stay Safe

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Monsoon Season in New Mexico

Monsoon season in New Mexico is here, and with it comes a change of wind and moisture patterns. The season typically starts in mid-June and can last through September. During monsoon season in New Mexico, inclement weather conditions built up from the Gulf of Mexico find their way to the state and cause a drastic change in weather. With this change comes new safety procedures that you should follow. Lerner and Rowe is here with tips that will help you and your family stay safe.

Don’t Drive in a Flood

Driving in a flood is incredibly dangerous, and even deadly. It takes only a few inches of rain to cause hydroplaning, and not much more will cause average-sized cars to float. Before you know it, you’re completely off the ground, and you’ve lost control of your vehicle. Not good. 

To avoid these scenarios, don’t drive in any flooded area. Turn around, and find an alternate route to reach your destination safely. Also, don’t try to drive around barricades; they are there for everyone’s safety, including yours! If you do suffer injury because of someone else’s reckless actions, however, contact Lerner and Rowe right away; we’ll work with you on your personal injury case.

Know the Protocols

Losing control of your car can lead to serious disaster, and it’s likely that there are other floating cars just waiting to be crashed into. If you are stuck in a flood, however, there are some things you can do. 

First, turn on your headlights, since the rain will reduce visibility. You want to see and be seen, as the saying goes. Then, reduce your speed. Furthermore, if your car starts floating, immediately exit the vehicle. You can leave through the window and climb onto the roof of your vehicle to start, but you should ultimately try to seek higher ground.

Keep Emergency Supplies

If you know a storm or flood is coming your way, stay indoors, if possible. Make sure that you unplug your electronic devices, and keep some emergency supplies ready for what’s to come. You should have sandbags prepared to absorb any water that enters your home.

Additionally, you should have an abundance of non-perishable food that doesn’t require cooking, as well as at least three gallons of water per member of your family (pets included). 

Don’t forget a first-aid kit, too! Also, keep light sources that don’t require electricity handy (consider glow sticks or battery operated flashlights), and be mindful of approaching debris making its way towards you; everything from car parts to furniture could find its way onto the streets of New Mexico.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Rain storms aren’t the only things to worry about during monsoon season. Because of the change in wind patterns, it’s not unusual for there to be heavy dust storms during the monsoon season in New Mexico. Even tornadoes could occur! Because of this, stay vigilant and on extra alert during the monsoon season in New Mexico.

Even the most bizarre things could occur. For example, mosquitos like to breed in still water, so make sure you drain any decorative vases/bowls after a heavy rain storm. Doing so will help reduce their numbers in and near your home.  

Ultimately, in the event of dust storms, floods, or other emergencies, make sure you and your family are prepared and have a game plan ready to go. Go over the plan with them every few months, but make sure you’re extra-prepared during the monsoon season in New Mexico. Many things can go wrong, so if you do suffer a personal injury this monsoon season due to no fault of your own, give Lerner and Rowe a call.

Injured During Monsoon Season in New Mexico?

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