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These unusual vehicle accident facts are no joke. Call Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys if you get injured!

No doubt you share the road ways with cars, trucks, and motorcycles daily. We’re all aware of traffic and driving dangers. However, with companies constantly unveiling new gadgets, you may not know the unusual vehicle accident facts beginning to arise.

What other vehicles should you look out for and what can you do if involved in an accident or injured by an unusual vehicle? Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys handle all kinds of personal injury cases, so reach out to them today!

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have gained much popularity and controversy in Arizona. These dockless, battery powered scooters might be entering downtown Phoenix this year. However, there are many reasons to be careful around them.

Firstly, scooters can travel at speed up to 15 miles per hour. Secondly, the people that rent them are usually not ready for that speed. Lastly, it’s also doubtful that they have ever been on an electric scooter before, and probably don’t have a helmet.

Injuries involving electric scooters are commonly caused by:

  • Vehicles failing to see the scooters,
  • Slip and falls over improperly parked scooters,
  • Rider error or failure to wear a helmet,
  • Road hazards,
  • Product defect in the scooter,
  • Reckless or drunk driving, and
  • Striking pedestrians or cyclists.

Any one of these injuries may be the result of a negligent party. When you are the victim of negligence, determining the cause of a scooter-related injury is important for proving fault.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are especially popular outside of the U.S. Still, these types of bike have seen a continuous gain in popularity recently across the country.

This mode of transportation is especially popular in Switzerland, where they have kept an accurate watch on accident facts involving the bikes. Similar to electric scooters, these bikes go much faster than many anticipate.

According to their studies, 70% of injuries occur to males 40 years of age. This may be a connection between slower reflexes and the unanticipated speeds. Also, the force of impact is four times harder than falling off of a normal bike. Lastly, they are very quiet, similar to electric cars. Thus, other drivers are less likely to notice them.


Hoverboards are basically self-balancing electric scooters without handlebars. This simplistic product design can increase the element of danger for new riders who may lose control and fall off or run into something/someone. Catching fire from spontaneous combustion is another safety concern with these devices.

Due to these potential dangers, reported hoverboard injuries have included concussions, breakages, and spine fractures.

In addition, since many children and teens show interest in using hoverboards, be sure to speak with your children about safety concerns. Also, supervise your children if they play with these electric skateboards, and make them wear a properly fitting helmet and other safety gear.

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