5 Causes of Childhood Injuries

common childhood injuries
Children show a remarkable ability to bounce back from bumps and tumbles during energetic play sessions or other everyday activities. Nevertheless, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that each year nearly 9 million children receive emergency treatment for childhood injuries.

What are the Main Causes of Childhood Injuries?

Most childhood injuries are the result of preventable accidents. Here are some of the more frequent reasons cited by our personal injury attorneys.

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents Traffic accidents are the leading cause of injury fatalities for children between the ages of 5 and 19. While the majority occurs when the child is traveling as a passenger, many are a result of being struck by a vehicle while walking or riding a bike.

2. Falls Falls are the primary cause of non-fatal childhood accidents. They commonly occur on playgrounds or during sports and recreation activities such as skateboarding.

3. Fire and Burns Younger children are more susceptible to scalding injuries from steam or also hot liquids. As they grow older, they can suffer injuries by direct contact with fire.

4. Poisoning Curious children can become seriously ill after ingesting medicine or chemicals such as cleaning products not safely stored away. Danger can also exist with items like over-the-counter drugs or dietary supplements not specifically marked as toxic.

5. Overexertion

Children’s growing bodies have limited tolerance for stress. However, many are reluctant to appear “weak” so they don’t let parents, coaches or other authority figures know when they have gone too far.

Don’t Take Chances with an Injured Child

Worry and confusion can hinder efforts to get the help they need and also deserve. Our personal injury attorneys at Lerner & Rowe can ease your burden by fighting for your child’s rights. Call or chat with us online 24/7 to schedule a no-cost consultation.