How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Deposition in New Mexico

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New Mexico personal injury cases may require a deposition from the injured party. Though some people have heard of depositions, few know what this word actually means. A deposition is a legal term referring to the process in which the opposing counsel poses questions in the conference room of a law firm.

There is no reason to fear the deposition. This is a necessary component of the legal process that ultimately ends up being less stressful than most injured individuals assume. Our legal team is here to help you recover compensation for your New Mexico personal injury. We can help you prepare for the deposition so you are completely confident and comfortable.

What Happens During Depositions?

A deposition involves testimony from the plaintiff (the injured party). Witnesses to the incident who are not plaintiffs or defendants might also face questions by one or both attorneys. A court reporter will type a transcript (or record) of everything said during the deposition. Subsequently, important evidence from the testimony can support motions.

The deposition testimony might also be read aloud in court if the case reaches trial. Though a judge is not in the room, you will have to take an oath to speak the truth as if you were testifying in a court of law. Opposing counsel will ask questions to obtain information about the case. This process will also help gauge how the jury will perceive you.

Why The Personal Injury Deposition Process Is Nothing to Fear

If you are nervous about the personal injury deposition process, rest easy. Our legal team will meet with you prior to the deposition. This guidance will calm your nerves, prepare you for the upcoming deposition and put you at ease. Our New Mexico injury attorney will likely review your case documents. This review will help you recall the details of the injury.

We can even rehearse the deposition process ahead of time by posing the most frequently asked questions. This gives you the opportunity to formulate answers prior to the day of the actual deposition. Though a deposition will certainly take up some time, it is absolutely essential to your quest for justice and compensation.

Questions Asked During the Deposition Process

Once you are sworn in, opposing counsel will request you adhere to his or her rules. Such rules typically include asking for clarification for unclear questions and not talking over the questions. You will not be allowed to communicate with your attorney regarding your testimony after the deposition occurs.

The attorney representing the defendant will likely ask if you have had any issues with the injured body site(s) prior to the accident. Do not hesitate to state you do not remember or are unsure. When in doubt, do not commit to a “yes” or “no” answer. Such a careful approach will make it much more difficult for opposing counsel to portray you as a liar.

You might also have to answer questions about medical records or other reports. If such questions are posed, request to see the document(s) referenced. The defense attorney might also request you discuss what another individual wrote in a report. If you do not remember, tell the attorney to ask the individual who generated the report or record.

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