Save Ice-Skating for the Rink. Be Safe Walking Outside this Winter!

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In wintertime, danger sometimes seems to lurk around every corner. Ice can seem invisible. That “wintry mix” sounds less like a festive snack to enjoy during a Bears game and more like a warning. Save slipping and sliding for the slopes and the rink. Follow these tips to avoid pedestrian winter accidents. Also, in case you do fall victim out there, call Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys today.

What Should I Watch for While Walking Outside in Winter?

You may enjoy walking in a winter wonderland, but don’t let that keep you from paying attention. Many factors contribute to a dangerous pedestrian environment. Specifically, watch out for:

  • Falling sleet and snow cause reduced visibility for drivers AND walkers. They may not see you, and you also may completely miss them.
  • Changes to your regular route. What used to be a flat sidewalk may now contain packed snow and ice patches.
  • Running late? You might be your own dangerous factor. Walking too fast or distractedly may also send you onto the concrete.

Sometimes, existing in extreme weather conditions seem like old news to local Midwesterners. However, remain vigilant. Keep your eyes peeled for the factors above, and also always look out for more.

What Can I Do to Stay Safe Outside?

Winter remains a dangerous time to be outside. Furthermore, there are many precautions you can take to avoid pedestrian winter accidents.

  • Make yourself visible. Familiar with that winter grey that seems to cover all of Illinois? If outside, wear bright colors that will help you stand out.
  • If walking at night, add reflectors to your winter ensemble.
  • Slow down and also step with care.
  • Eliminate distractions, like looking down at your phone.
  • You may want to invest in clip-on shoe grips for added security.


Don’t let children walk outside alone. Children usually love to frolic in a winter wonderland! So, your child may not pay attention to where they are going or their speed. Drivers may not see the smaller bodies crossing the street.

Who’s Fault if I Suffer from Pedestrian Winter Accidents?

Were you struck by a vehicle and need time off work? Slip in front of your favorite coffee shop and get a concussion? If you do get hurt in a pedestrian winter accident, contact Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys for help understanding who was liable.  

  • The driver may be liable if their vehicle struck you. Similarly, if the car slid on ice that could have been treated with salt, sand, or gravel, someone else also may be to blame.
  • Ouch! Your neighbor failed to shovel again. Did you slip on private property?
  • You may be liable for your own downfall – literally.  Note where you fell once again. Homeowners and businesses have different levels of responsibility when it comes to keeping their own environment safe.

Not sure if liability for your accident lies with someone else? You need a personal injury attorney to help you navigate the legality of it all. Thankfully, Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys want to help you.

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