4 Reasons You Need a Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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Why do you need a Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer?

You are more likely to win your case with an attorney, than without. Insurance adjusters can even deny your claim. You need to compare the fault of the driver as well as any fault you may have. If the accident is your fault, you can’t collect any sort of claim. For this fact alone, you need an experienced Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer.

1.) Too injured to even think about any legal matters

As an innocent pedestrian, it is very easy to get hurt if involved in an accident. Pedestrians can experience anything from extremely serious things such as brain damage, a broken limb or even burns. If injured in any way, you need help now. You will get the assistance you need from an experienced Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer.

By having a professional lawyer by your side, we will give you that peace of mind. This will allow you focus on your recovery instead of worrying about legal problems. We are extremely thorough and quick to get your case handled.

2.) A Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer can determine the at-fault party 

Any insurance adjuster can deny your claim. Every state has their own set of laws that concerns pedestrian accidents. In Illinois, if you are found to be at least 50 percent at fault, then you won’t receive any sort of financial recovery. For example, if you happen to be jaywalking, then there is a possibility that you could be at fault. By having a professional attorney at your side, we will help determine the at fault party and make a case on your behalf.

We do this by gathering evidence, uncovering new evidence, building a witness list and digging up any police report or any other pieces of evidence that will help win you your case.

3.) A pedestrian lawyer will get you the claim you deserve

Most of the time the insurance company offers a minimal settlement or denies your claim. An experienced lawyer will provide the the necessary guidance to see a fair offer. If the offer is not fair, then we will negotiate on your behalf. We look at the big picture and realize the little details are also the biggest details.

We take into consideration all of the factors that are play such as, medical costs, suffering, pain, overall damage, other bystanders, personal possessions and much more. You need a lawyer who is not afraid to file a claim. One of the best things an attorney can do for you is to challenge the insurance companies when they give you an unfair offer or simply say “no.”

4.) Our trusted pedestrian lawyers will represent you in court

If no settlement agreement reached, we want to represent you. We will give you a fighting chance at the amount you deserve to cover all damages and compensation that you deserve. To speak with a pedestrian accident attorney today, contact us right now to get your case evaluated.