9 Safety Tips for Attending Street Festivals in Phoenix

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Safe Street Festivals in PhoenixHappy Cinco de Mayo Phoenix!

Did you know that Phoenix is home to one of the country’s top Cinco de Mayo festivals as rated by USA Today? While the food, games and entertainment provide fun for all ages, large crowds plus alcohol can equal greater personal injury risks.

Safety Tips for Street Festivals

You, your family and friends can enjoy a safe and sound holiday by following these simple precautions.

  • Do you like getting into the holiday spirit with appropriate costumes? Avoid masks or any other items than can impair your vision or breathing.
  • Don’t skirt police barricades or enter any restricted areas. These places are closed off for a reason.
  • Refrain from pushing and shoving other people. Nothing is so urgent that you need to create personal injury risks just to get there.
  • If you attend with children, keep them in your sight at all times with no exceptions. Many frightening situations occur when a parent turns his or her back “just for a second.”
  • Keep small trinkets and other choking hazards out of children’s hands.
  • When attending festivals with parades, stay well out of the way of the parade route and floats.
  • It’s easy to underestimate your alcohol consumption when you’re outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Know your limits and stay within them.
  • Establish a meeting place and contingency plan in case you and your group become separated.
  • Be extra vigilant when driving around the festival area. Better yet, use public transportation.

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While you may practice safe behavior when attending a street festival, you can’t always be prepared for the actions of others. If you or a loved one suffers a personal injury, contact our attorneys for a free consultation at Lerner & Rowe.

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