Easy Tips for Managing Road Rage in Tucson

Tucson accident attorneys
Tucson accident attorneys are here to help you if you find yourself the victim of someone’s road rage.

The hottest days of the year are just about upon us, and with the increasing heat can come hot tempers on the road, too. If you have a problem with road rage, you can learn how to control it. If you become the target of another driver’s road rage, you can also use the tips below to protect yourself from harm. Tucson accident attorneys can help you if you end up a victim of someone else’s road rage. However, the best course of action is to avoid the situation altogether, whenever possible.

What is Road Rage?

The Arizona Department of Public Safety defines road rage as “an assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger(s) of another motor vehicle or an assault precipitated by an incident that occurred on a roadway.”

While aggressive driving is a traffic violation, road rage is an actual criminal violation. Why? Because those who engage in road rage are actually considered to have committed assault with their motor vehicles and/or another weapon on another motorist or passenger of another motor vehicle. These drivers show a “willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others.”

How to Protect Yourself from Other Drivers’ Road Rage

  • DON’T take up the fight

Remember, drivers who engage in road rage more than likely want to fight with you and even  cause an accident. While it can be tempting to speed up and show them that you’re ready to take up the challenge, you will likely only escalate the situation. Your goal here is to stay safe.

  • Don’t make eye contact

Avoid the other driver’s gaze. If you engage in eye contact, it can be seen as a threat or a challenge. Just try your best to get out of the situation and stay safe. Again, Tucson accident attorneys will certainly come to your aid if you need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against a road rage driver who has injured you. But, the best course of action is to avoid the situation altogether.

  • Do report the driver

Both aggressive driving and road rage behavior are dangerous. While both deserve reporting because both put innocent motorists on the road at risk, people who engage in road rage are looking for a fight and will likely eventually find it. The sooner the driver is no longer driving, the better. Once you have gotten safely away from the situation, pull over and call 911 to report the incident. Don’t call while you’re still on the road.

How to Avoid Engaging in Road Rage Yourself

Driving can be frustrating, and it’s tempting for some to take that frustration out on other motorists – especially those you think are being inconsiderate or careless. However, it’s your job as a responsible motorist to be as courteous as possible at all times, even when you’re facing frustration.

To keep from letting your frustration turn into road rage:

  • Concentrate on your own driving- Remember, it’s up to you to stay safe. Concentrate on your own driving. Don’t talk on the cell phone, eat, drink, put on makeup, etc. as you drive.
  • Relax as you concentrate- Turn on the radio to some of your favorite music that will put you in a good mood. This may help offset any feelings of irritation you might have from other drivers’ behavior. It can also help you enjoy your time driving instead of feeling irritated by it, which can add fuel to feelings of road rage.
  • Take an alternate route if you can- Even if it looks like the longer route at first glance, you might find that it takes you less time because there isn’t as much traffic to slow things down.
  • Take public transportation- An alternative option could be to take public transportation to avoid having to deal with road rage altogether. Let someone else do the driving, sit back, relax and use that time to read a book or even, yes, carry on a conversation on your phone – something that you can’t do if you’re driving. Rideshare app can also serve this purpose well.

Are You a Road Rage Victim? Tucson Accident Attorneys Can Help

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