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Las Vegas worker’s compensation laws can be complicated to understand, but a skilled personal injury attorney can help you get a handle on your situation. Still, one of the most difficult situations to understand is whether or not your employer can legally fire you after you have filed a Las Vegas worker’s compensation claim. There are a few key factors to consider here:

The Reason for Termination of Employment

An employer typically cannot fire an employee just for filing a worker’s compensation claim. If an employer ever gives worker’s compensation as the official reason for firing, the employee likely has a very easy case. However, most of the time, the employer will give something else as the official reason, and your Las Vegas worker’s compensation attorney will have to prove that the official reason is not truthful.

Here are some legal reasons employers can give for filing an employee who has filed a workman’s comp claim:

  • showing up late to work
  • refusal to participate in temporary light duty work
  • not performing well during temporary light duty work
  • calling in sick to work too many times
  • a pre-planned mass layoff
  • disrespect on the job or other misconduct

Even if your employer gave one of these reasons, a skilled Las Vegas worker’s compensation attorney may be able to prove that your workman’s comp claim was the real reason for firing. Reach out to an attorney today if you believe your termination was because you filed for workman’s comp.

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