Father’s Day Safety: What Should I Do If a Gift Injured My Dad?

Las Vegas Defective Product Lawyer

Father’s Day is right around the corner. If you have not picked out a gift for your father, the time to do so is now. Unfortunately, some Father’s Day gifts may cause injury or property damage. It does not matter if you have the best intentions when shopping for your father. The gift you spent hours researching could prove defective. Lerner and Rowe’s Las Vegas defective product lawyer can help those injured obtain justice and compensation following such an unfortunate event.

The Basics of Defective Products

Defective products have the potential to significantly alter your life. A product that does not function as advertised and causes harm sets the stage for a potential personal injury lawsuit that may compensate you for your losses. 

There are three primary types of defective products to include those with: 

  1. Defects in warning
  2. Manufacturing defects
  3. A defective design 

A defect in warning occurs when a product is sold without the proper notice regarding potential danger. An example is an electric blanket lacking sufficient written warning regarding the potential for overheating and subsequent fire.

Another example for a manufacturing defect includes an automobile sold with a manual transmission that sticks in low gear.

Defects in design are also particularly common. For instance, a bicycle design defect that causes brake cables to detach when a rider applies the brakes during regular use may result in a bicycle accident. No matter the case, a Las Vegas defective product lawyer can help you get compensation for an injury caused by a dangerous product.

Additional Examples of Defective Products

If you, your father, or another loved one suffer an injury when using a product, you may have solid legal footing for a successful lawsuit. Consider a barbecue grill that lacks the proper warning and causes burns or a fire. 

This defective product could lead to anything from minor burns to a catastrophic injury. Additional examples include exploding electric tea kettles, pressure cookers, and microwaves that cause burns, electrocution injuries, or property damage.

How to Proceed if Your Father’s Day Gift Causes Injury

If your father, you, or anyone else in your family gets harmed by a Father’s Day gift or other product, contact a personal injury attorney for legal recourse. Our Las Vegas defective product lawyer is here to help prove the product maker’s negligence. If you can prove the manufacturer breached the duty owed to your father, or the other injured party, and caused the related injury, pain, or suffering, there is a good chance of winning a monetary award.

The legal term of strict liability is also important in the context of defective products. Product manufacturers on occasion are found strictly liable for product defects resulting from a flawed manufacturing process. 

It does not matter if the manufacturer met its duty to provide care to the customer. What matters is if the personal injury attorney can prove the product defect is the result of a manufacturing error. This is not a DIY pro se style case. You need the assistance of a proven personal injury lawyer to emerge with the compensation you deserve.

In many such cases, the testimony of witnesses is necessary to prove the defendant’s negligence or strict liability. Our attorneys can work to pinpoint the perfect expert witnesses, laws, and statutes most relevant to your unique case.

Contact a Las Vegas Defective Product Lawyer

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