It’s Hip to Chip Partnership with #LovePup Foundation

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Lerner and Rowe gives back to help reduce the homeless dog population through exclusive partnership with the #LovePup Foundation’s It’s Hip to Chip program.

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Phoenix, Ariz. (May 3, 2018) — The law offices of Lerner and Rowe enthusiastically announce an exclusive partnership with the #LovePup Foundation’s ‘It’s Hip to Chip’ program. ‘It’s Hip to Chip’ was created by #LovePup. The program helps reduce the number of homeless dogs in the community. The pilot program launched on May 1st in Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) shelters located in Mesa and Phoenix. So, now thanks to the partnership between Lerner and Rowe’s philanthropic foundation and the #LovePup Foundation, every adopted dog from these shelters will receive a free microchip upon adoption.

It’s Hip to Chip

“We are a family of avid dog-lovers, ourselves. Therefore, we believe every dog deserves a good and loving home. And, through this partnership, a newly adopted dog has a better chance at reunification with their new forever family,” says attorney Kevin Rowe. “That is why our team is excited to give back and partner with #LovePup to fund this progressive initiative. We know that the love and companionship of a four-legged family member creates a one-of-a-kind type of happiness.”

Why Microchip?

Free Microchips for Adopted Dogs at MCACC

Microchips make it so much easier and quicker for lost pets to be reunited with their owners. By storing the owner’s contact information in an electronic database, a microchip takes the guesswork out of trying to identify a dog. Which is just one of the root problems that contribute to the homeless dog population in Maricopa County.

Another contributing problem includes lost tags or collars. Implanted microchips take care of this problem for dog owners. Remember: It’s Hip to Chip

More about #LovePup

The Van Es family founded the #LovePup Foundation – a non-profit dog rescue organization. Johnjay Van Es and his wife, Blake, and three sons, Jake, Kemp, & Dutch, has transformed their home into a full-on dog rescue center. They take in stray dogs from around the Phoenix area and providing them with medical attention, shelter and food. The Van Es family is so dedicated to finding forever homes for pups in need.

Founder of #LovePup and KISS FM radio host Johnjay Van Es and his family began fostering dogs for adoption in their home years ago. Since the creation of #LovePup, the family has rescued, fostered, and found homes for over 1500 dogs. Johnjay Van Es uses the power of social media to screen interested adopters and match them with dogs.

LovePup - Hip to Chip
Newly Adopted Dog Owner Surrounded by Well Wishing #LovePup Founders & Attorney Kevin Rowe

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