Head-on Crash Near Maricopa Kills 1, Injuries 2

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A head on collision on state route 347 near Maricopa occurred around 1 am on April 21st closing northbound and southbound traffic for 7 hours.

According to investigators, a car crossed over the median and crashed head-on into a tow-truck.

Neither of the occupants of the car were wearing seat belts resulting in the passenger being ejected from the car and the driver suffering serious injuries. Unfortunately, the passenger died at the scene.

Both drivers of the tow-truck and car were transported to a local hospital and treated for serious injuries.

A sergeant with the Arizona Department of Public Safety made a point to comment on the importance of wearing seat belts. He further stated that had the two occupants of the car been properly wearing seat belts, the severity of injuries would most likely not have been the same.

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