Alcohol and Driving – Not a Safe Mix

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The DUI lawyers at Lerner and Rowe Law Group would like to emphasize the importance of not mixing alcohol and driving. Here are some safety tips for alcohol awareness month.

Safety Tips for Alcohol Awareness Month

Spring is here and everyone is getting the fever to head outside to ride their motorcycles for longer runs, go boating and just enjoy the great outdoors. As more people take to the roads because of safer road conditions, the Federal Highway Administration sprung on the opportunity to declare April alcohol awareness month.

Three Alcohol Awareness Tips

Lerner and Rowe DUI Attorneys Talk about Alcohol Awareness

Keep the following safe driving tips in mind before you head out to the next sporting event, party or barbecue:  

  • Designated driver – Establish a designated driver prior to heading out to any activity that may involve alcohol. The designated person should agree to not drink at all. If they change their mind, arrange for a taxi cab or take an alternative mode of transportation. A driver should not get behind the wheel if they are intoxicated or tipsy.
  • Key keeper – Take the keys away from intoxicated friends that state they are about to drive. You’ll be doing them a favor and could also save the lives of others.
  • Report drunk drivers – If you see a drunk driver on the road, call the non-emergency police line and report it. Make sure to provide a good description of the vehicle, closest cross streets and the direction they were heading.