Avoiding Winter Injuries in Las Vegas

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When people imagine Las Vegas, they mostly think of palm trees and desert heat. Many people are surprised that temperatures dip down to the 30s during the winter months. While Vegas usually does not get snow, frost, or ice, the cold weather introduces seasonal hazards. Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys presents a guide to Las Vegas winter personal injuries and how to avoid them.

What Are Some Common Winter Personal Injuries?

Wintertime comes with chilly weather, Christmas carols, hot chocolate, and unfortunately an increased risk for injury. Be sure that you know what potential injuries to guard against. Here are a few examples:

  • Head injury
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Shoulder injury
  • Back injury
  • Joint pain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Hip fractures

While your winter days should be peaceful and calm, many of us are at risk to suffer from one or more of these injuries. That is why it is important to know what you are at risk for and also how to avoid it.

The Difference in Las Vegas Winter Conditions

Anyone who has lived in a Northern state is familiar with a variety of different wintertime safety precautions to take in order to avoid accidents and injuries. For example, residents of Minnesota may have to add a half hour to their morning commute due to blizzard delays. Children also learn to balance on slippery ice at a very early age in Wisconsin. Additionally, people living in South Dakota have to be careful when chopping ice off their tires with a shovel handle. 

Fortunately, Las Vegas residents don’t have to deal with a lot of these icy day-to-day situations. However, they do not live without wintertime risks. Ultimately, it is important to be careful no matter where you are this winter season.

What Are Common Causes of Wintertime Injuries in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is an oasis of fun in the middle of a mountain valley. Graced with beautiful weather year-round, locals and visitors alike sometimes forget the injury hazards that wintertime brings. See below for a few common causes of winter personal injuries in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Winter Car Accident Injuries

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows that local drivers may seem a little crazy and/or erratic. Add tourists into the mix and you run the added risk of driving near someone who may not know where they are going. Therefore, be sure to give all drivers space to help avoid an accidental collision. 

In addition, Las Vegas has a reputation for partying and drinking. As such, you may encounter a drunk driver on the road. Make sure that you practice defensive driving maneuvers at all hours of the day and watch out for reckless drivers. Furthermore, be sure that you’re not one of them. 

Our Las Vegas injury team knows all too well how car accidents can cause any of the injuries listed above. We also know that they usually result in more than one type of injury at a time.

Slipping and Falling on the Las Vegas Strip

Wet pavement on the Las Vegas Strip can be treacherous for pedestrians. Head injuries, cracked knees, and other breaks are common when it comes to slip and falls. That is why you will want to take it slow, especially when walking outside during wet winter conditions. Also, be extra vigilant with children and older people when travelling on foot.

Carbon Monoxide and Fire Safety

Carbon monoxide poisoning prevention and fire prevention go hand in hand when it comes to avoiding winter injuries. To help prevent either of these accidents from taking place in your home during the winter, have your home heaters inspected well before winter. This includes fireplaces and space heaters.  

Also, don’t turn your car in your garage with the door down. Pull your vehicle outside first to allow any fumes to escape outdoors. 

Causes of Injuries Outside the Valley?

Surrounding our valley are beautiful mountains. The best known winter recreational area near Vegas is Mt. Charleston, which boasts its own ski area and resort. If you aren’t headed there, you may be headed into Utah or up to Lake Tahoe/Reno. 

The same hazards that may result in car accidents, slips and falls, fires, and carbon monoxide injuries apply while you are traveling. However, heading to these snowier areas increases the risk of other winter personal injuries.

Winter Sports Injury

If ice-skating, skiing, or snowboarding is your winter activity of choice, be sure to inspect equipment you haven’t used since last year. Also, make sure any rented equipment is safe. Avoid starting off too quickly. 

You may have handled a black diamond hill just fine by the end of last ski season, but that doesn’t mean it will be as easy this time around. It won’t hurt to take it slow on a bunny hill first to get your sea (or snow) legs back.

Snow Shoveling Injuries 

Visiting Grandma? As a beloved child you may want to help her shovel her sidewalk free of snow. It is best to be aware that back injuries can occur when shoveling. You can help prevent a back injury by never shoveling too much snow in one scoop. Take your time as snow can be much heavier than it appears. 

What to Do If You Are Injured in Las Vegas?

If your Las Vegas winter turns treacherous, call the Nevada legal team at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys. You’ll be in good hands after a winter personal injury in Las Vegas. 

Our team will walk you through each step of the legal process and help you seek any compensation that you may deserve for medical expenses or time off work because of any injuries. Contact us today by using our convenient LiveChat feature or by calling 844-977-1900.

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