What If Injuries From a Chicago Auto Accident Don’t Show Up Right Away?

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Many people in car accidents know that even a minor accident causes trauma. From the shock of the crash, arrival of police, witnesses watching, to seeing damage to your vehicle; it can feel surreal.

Often coupled with an adrenaline rush, victims may not realize that they have sustained an injury until hours or days after the crash.

When this happens, many victims ask themselves, “What if my injuries from a car accident in Illinois don’t show up right away?”

Common injuries

It is the release of adrenaline, along with endorphins, that can cause the masking of pain from injuries. This often happens with ligament, muscle, or tendon injuries.

With soft tissue injuries, outward signs, such as cuts or bruising, don’t exist. The symptoms tend to creep up gradually.

A victim may begin to suffer from pain, swelling, and decreased mobility. If left untreated, a soft tissue injury can become worse and more difficult to heal.

Other common – and dangerous – injuries which do not always show symptoms right away include internal injuries and brain injuries. The symptoms for these injuries are often silent and it is not until the situation becomes life-threatening that the victim seeks out medical treatment.

Seek medical treatment ASAP, even if you don’t think you need it. Injury symptoms don’t always present immediately.

A doctor can determine if the accident caused any injuries, especially if fatal or resulting in permanent disability.

Seeking out medical treatment right after an accident also establishes a potential personal injury claim. If too much time elapses between the Chicago auto accident and a medical visit, your insurance could deny your claim.

Although your Chicago auto accident attorney could still obtain financial damages in this situation, proving it becomes difficult.

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