The Dangers of Texting and Walking in Las Vegas

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Glance down any busy street in Las Vegas and you will see hundreds of pedestrians. Many of those people will likely have their heads down, totally focused on the smartphone in their hand, texting away, oblivious to their surroundings. Not only does this create slow walkers, it creates dangers to everyone around. Pedestrian accidents continue to increase each year. Not only are texters a danger to themselves, they are also a danger to those around them. Multiple studies have confirmed this. Be safe and watch your surroundings.

Pedestrian Accidents

Safety experts say texting and walking is as dangerous as texting and driving. Accidents include causing fatalities and serious injuries across the country. In fact, texting and walking has become such a dangerous issue that the National Safety Council (NSC) now adds it to its safety report it releases each year.

In one study conducted by Stony Brook University, people using their phones were 60% more at risk to go off their course (such as failing to stay in a crosswalk). 

This not only poses a danger to the walker but also to others around them. For example, a distracted texter walks into another person, knocking them down and causing injury.

Pedestrians need to pay attention to who they share roads and sidewalks with. Pedestrians are also required by law to follow traffic laws, such as obeying crossing signals and traffic lights. Not to mention, the law expects them to walk on sidewalks, and use crosswalks. Common sense, right? Contact us today to learn more. 

If a person is injured in a traffic accident because they were texting and walking, can they be held negligent?

In Nevada, they could, depending on the circumstances. 

Under the comparative negligence law, the court will determine fault. If the court finds the victim 51% or more at fault, the victim may not receive any money.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

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