Solo Travel Safety Tips – Violent Crime Victim Prevention

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Safety tips are often targeted at women traveling alone, but the same set of rules for personal security can also apply to cross genders and males. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and personal safety when you are traveling alone to help ensure that you do not become a violent crime victim.

Lerner and Rowe Tips to Not Become a Violent Crime Victim

Road Trip Safety

Be smart about where you go and what you do. If you are driving, this might mean making sure you have more than enough gas to get you to your destination. You may be surprised at how many small gas stations have recently closed along the highway. So don’t drain the tank down to the last drop before you start to look for a gas station.

Plan your route before you leave home. Auto accidents and road closures happen; always have an alternate route in mind just in case you have to take a detour. Also, these unexpected delays and alternate routes can be another drain to your gas tank. It’s better to be prepared by refueling when you are at half a tank so that you are not rolling into the next station on fumes.

Pick well-lighted convenience store gas stations that have people around. You can often get gas, use the restroom, and get something to drink or eat at the same place. Fewer stops mean that there are fewer opportunities for harm. Choose convenience store restrooms over isolated rest areas.

Pack an emergency road box that includes items like a full gas container, water, food, and weather appropriate clothing. This clothing might include gloves, boots, rain gear, or a heavy winter coat. Pack a blanket and flashlight in the car too.

Keep your doors locked—anytime you are in the car. Carjackings happen. The locked door is your first line of defense when it comes to being a violent crime victim.

Stranger Danger – Safety Tips for Adults

Be friendly to your seat mate on the plane, train, or bus…but don’t over share. This means that you don’t tell strangers where you are staying at your destination. It doesn’t matter if you are staying at a hotel, or in a friends home, they don’t need to know. If you are asked, say you aren’t sure yet or change the subject.

As you make your way to your hotel room, be vigilant. Don’t keep your head down, look around you. If you feel that someone might be following you to your room, walk past it and make your way quickly to the hotel desk. Ask for a security guard or bell hop to escort you to your room if you are worried. If you leave the room to go get ice or for a trip to the vending machine, DON’T leave the door propped open. Close and lock your hotel door anytime you leave it. Always pay attention to your surroundings. If you have a car, use valet parking or have hotel security walk you out to your car.

Plan for Safety – Don’t become a Violent Crime Victim

Pack light. Having too much baggage can paint a target on your back for theft, or other potential threats. Only pack what you can easily carry on your own, and never overload yourself. Wheeled suitcases help, but don’t have the wheeled suitcase, a bathroom bag, pillow, briefcase, and cooler. Pair it down so that you can move quickly and easily from place-to-place.

Do charge your phone fully before you go, and remember your phone charger. If you have a car charger, you might want to take it with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for the holidays, on vacation, or on a business trip, planning can be key to your safety. Make sure that every step of your itinerary has been planned in advance. Knowing where you’ll be staying, where and how you’ll rent a car, and where any meetings will be held and at what time are important steps to help ensure that you do not become a violent crime victim.

Make all arrangements, like hotel and rental car reservations, in advance. Print out maps from the airport to your hotel, your hotel to any meetings, and from the hotel back to the airport. You may not need them if the GPS in the car or on your cell phone is working, but store the maps for backup.

Legal Help When You Need It

We all hope that when we travel we have a safe and care-free trip. Occasionally our best laid plans can turn into negative experiences. If you are on vacation in Arizona and become the victim of a violent crime, contact Lerner and Rowe for assistance. Call (602) 977-1900 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our attorneys are ready to help you 24 / 7.