Road Hazards of Driving with a Migraine

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Are you one of the 36 million Americans who suffer from migraines? Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona Senator John McCain, has been one of the leaders in raising public awareness of this painful and debilitating condition.

Dangers of Driving with Migraines in Arizona

Driving with a migraine can be dangerous for you and those around you. As June marks Migraine Awareness Month, it’s a good opportunity to learn about the road hazards that can occur if you or a loved one decides to drive with a migraine. These include:

  • For some people, the onset of a migraine is signaled by an aura or strange light that causes visual disturbance. Migraines themselves often cause light sensitivity, which can impair visibility.
  • Severe pain and discomfort from a migraine can distract you from focusing on the road. Even if you feel the pain is not bad enough to prevent you from driving, you may experience nausea, which will have the same effect.
  • Driving sometimes demands split-second decisions that help avoid accidents and injuries. Migraines can cause cognitive difficulties, such as impaired judgment and slow response, which hamper your ability to drive defensively.
  • Painkillers and other medications used to treat migraines usually include a warning against driving or operating heavy machinery. These medications generally create drowsiness, which magnifies physical and mental slowness.
  • Migraines can occur without warning. Stay safe by driving with a companion whenever possible. If not, notify others of your travel plans and allow time to pull over and rest when necessary.

At Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys we strongly encourage you to be proactive and use the occasion of Migraine Awareness Month to educate yourself more fully about migraines, effective methods of treatment and the importance of not driving with a migraine.

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