Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Illinois Car Accident Case

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If you have been injured in a car accident caused by another driver, you may be entitled to collect damages for your injuries. The money normally does not come from the at-fault driver, but instead,from their vehicle insurance carrier.

Although that driver may be 100 percent at fault for the accident, there are several mistakes that can ruin your accident claim in Illinois. The following is a brief overview those mistakes. For more specific information, consider consulting with a Chicago personal injury attorney.

Failure to Contact Police

When you are in an accident, the first thing you should do is call 911, even if the other driver says it is not necessary. If no one involved in the accident requires an ambulance, you should still insist on a police officer coming to the scene.

The officer’s accident report could be invaluable for your claim, providing specific information such as weather and traffic conditions, as well as the details of what caused the accident.

Failure to Seek Prompt Medical Attention

Seek medical attention immediately. Injury symptoms don’t always present immediately. They can appear several hours or sometimes even days after the accident. If you do not seek medical attention right away, the insurance company can claim your injury happened after the crash. Or they can also say that you waited to go to the doctor because the severity of the injury doesn’t match your claim.

Failure to Contact with an Injury Attorney

Insurance companies look for ways to reduce or deny claims that accident victims deserve. An injury attorney can protect you from the manipulations and tactics commonly used by adjusters.

Providing a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

One of those tactics used by insurance adjusters is to act as if they have your best interest in mind. The adjuster may act helpful and concerned to gain your trust. They specialize in getting victims to admit guilt, or sound like it, such as apologizing for the accident. Never agree to give a statement without first talking with your attorney.

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