How Long Will it Take To Settle My Car Accident Case In Nevada?

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One of the most common questions clients ask Nevada car accident lawyers is how long will it take for their Las Vegas auto claim to settle. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy standard answer to that question.

Many different factors can affect how quickly this legal process plays out.

Factors for a Las Vegas auto claim


One of the most significant factors is the recovery process for your injuries, the overall course of your medical treatment, and how long that treatment and rehabilitation will take.


Another primary factor is the behavior of the insurance company that is evaluating the claim and considering settlement.  Those insurance companies have the time, resources, and experience to fully investigate every aspect of your claim and promote defenses against it.

The insurance adjusters can be very skilled at finding potential defenses to and weaknesses in any claim.  The adjusters use the information they uncover as leverage to persuade accident victims to settle too quickly or for far less than what they deserve for their injuries.


A victim gets what they believe a minor injury, such as lower back pain. Often a trip to the emergency room  results in x-rays that show no broken bones and the hospital prescribes a mild pain medication and a muscle relaxer.

Although the meds provide some immediate relief, the accident victim is no closer to understanding the full potential of their injury after the visit.

An experienced insurance adjuster knows that it is common for the full extent of back injuries not to reveal themselves immediately after a car crash. That adjuster will diligently work to get that victim to quickly settle the case, often offering quick and easy money to manipulate the victim into thinking they are “doing them a favor.

Accident victims often take the quick money and decide they can tough it out and sign a release. Shortly afterwards, victims may experience major back issues which doctors trace to the car accident.

However, the settlement and signed release precludes the victim from a myriad of things. This includes receipt of further compensation for future treatment, lost time from work, pain and suffering.  The accident victim becomes a victim a second time.


Therefore, it is critical for car accident victims to seek out the advice of a skilled Nevada car accident attorney.

It is important to wait until your doctor has declared that you have reached your maximum of recovery. At this point, a professional will determine if you have any permanent injuries or will require future medical treatment.

Although a lawyer cannot hasten your treatment and recovery, they can keep the legal process moving forward.

Having a Las Vegas auto claim lawyer beside you every step of the way makes life easier. This is especially true during these legal proceedings. They strive to protect your rights and look out for your best interests against the insurance company. It will give you the peace of mind to focus on your health and recovery. Contact us today! We offer free consults and no fee unless you win.