Don’t Gamble Your Safety During Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas

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Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the greatest party cities in the world, and Nevada consumes more tequila than most other states in the United States at an average of 2.3 bottles of tequila per adult each year. Needless to say, Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas is very festive.

Thankfully, the local police will be on high alert and ready to handle any overactive partygoers. In fact, law enforcement agencies nationwide reportedly catch hundreds of drunk drivers every year on this holiday. However, the police cannot possibly catch everyone who partakes in dangerous activities. Thus, please contact an injury attorney in Las Vegas if you or a loved one gets injured on Cinco de Mayo.

Party the Night Away in Las Vegas

For the second year in a row, Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas will be a bit subdued due to COVID-19. However, Las Vegas hotels and other public spaces in Clark County have recently been given permission to host up to 80% capacity. This should make Cinco de Mayo weekend the most vibrant the city has had since the pandemic started. With so many venues eager to host patrons and so many people ready to party, you’ll have many bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from.

No matter which great party location you choose, ensure you make other good choices too. Cinco de Mayo can become an especially dangerous holiday if you are around others who are not as cautious, so it is especially important to be alert and protect yourself from risk.

Safety Tips for Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas

Here are useful ways to help protect yourself from harm during Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas:

  • Designate a sober driver, or figure out your transportation before the party starts.
  • Have your designated driver carry extra masks and hand sanitizer for your party.
  • Avoid driving entirely, if possible. Even if you are sober, you cannot control everyone else on the road.
  • Be on the alert for other drunk drivers on the road. Keep plenty of distance between you and anyone who is driving dangerously in order to avoid a car accident.
  • Make sure everyone (including children) knows when and where to meet up if they get separated.
  • Think of extra ways to stay in contact, like writing phone numbers down in case your phone dies.
  • Take car keys away from your friend or loved one who has indulged in several adult beverages.
  • Be aware that some areas may be closed off for the big party. Know exactly where you are going, and consider multiple alternative routes.
  • Watch out for sobriety checkpoints or anything else that may disrupt the normal flow of traffic.

If you suffer a personal injury because of someone else’s behavior, seek appropriate treatment right away. Then, contact an injury attorney in Las Vegas as soon as possible to see if you may be entitled to compensation.

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