Chicago’s Future of Car Accident Prevention With Artificial Intelligence

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With artificial intelligence, car accident prevention becomes more than defensive driving. Accidents might just become as archaic of a thought as the abacus or rotary telephone.  Testing on self-driving cars begins the future of car making. Some herald self-driving cars as the next revolution in driving safety.

Many wonder what the car’s impact will be in Chicago. Some researchers explain that the effect of reducing traffic accidents is tough to forecast due to insubstantial data and testing.

Car Accident Prevention

Traffic issues unique to Chicago include lots of pedestrians, confusing highway signs and constant gridlock. A 2014 article in the Chicago Tribune notes that traffic accidents throughout Illinois had increased to 800 per day.

Google and Tesla insist that self-driving cars have the potential to greatly reduce car accidents. Data supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that 90% of car accidents involve human choice. AI can be used in cars so that drivers can make better and/or faster decisions while avoiding human errors such as texting or drunk driving.

Concerns have been express by many about fear of loss of control and allowing robots to supervise our driving. Critics question if AI can make ethical decisions involving complex situations with cars, obstacles and pedestrians.

Manufacturers gradually automated features in cars for the past decade to assist drivers with navigation. For example, many vehicles now come with sensors and videos that shows a driver their blind spots. Advanced technology uses vibration or sound to alert drivers if their car swerves into another lane without using their turn signal.

While there are undisputed advantages to having AI in cars, the federal government needs to promulgate autonomous car regulation. Current governing statutes and regulations were developed before the technology was even a concept. It will be interesting to see how these policies develop and how much human intervention may still be required.

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