What Happens After An Amazon Delivery Truck Accident?

amazon delivery truck accident

Amazon has changed the way the world shops, with its convenience, low prices, and speedy delivery. In 2021, there were 30,000 Amazon delivery vans worldwide. With Amazon showing no signs of slowing down, the number of delivery trucks on the road is increasing, as are the risks of an Amazon delivery truck accident. Lerner and Rowe offer these tips if you’ve been in an Amazon delivery truck accident

Is Amazon Liable for the Accident? 

Whether Amazon is liable for the accident depends on the circumstances of your accident. Since Amazon often uses independent contractors for deliveries, it is possible that Amazon will not be directly liable for the accident. This distinction is crucial when filing an insurance claim or taking legal action against a driver. Who you file a claim against will depend on if the driver is directly employed by Amazon, or if they are an independent contractor. 

If you were involved in an accident with an Amazon Flex driver, It is possible that you might be able to obtain compensation from Amazon’s insurance policy. Even though you won’t be able to file a lawsuit against Amazon directly, the company offers extra liability insurance to Flex drivers so that they are protected while making deliveries. 

To be eligible for the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy, these Flex drivers must keep a personal auto insurance policy in effect. It is possible you might be able to obtain compensation by filing a claim through the driver’s own insurance. You might be able to file a claim with the driver’s liability insurance company even if the driver is not protected by Amazon’s liability insurance.

If the driver flees the scene of the accident, this will be considered a hit and run and your uninsured motorist insurance might cover any costs. You may also want to file a police report in the event of a hit and run, which our attorneys can assist you with.

Can I Sue Amazon for the Accident?

It is possible to sue Amazon for an accident if one of its full-time employees was driving the van. To report an on-road incident, call Amazon’s On-Road Incident Emergency Hotline along with 911. You can also contact the carrier directly. Before making contact with Amazon or one of its carriers, it is best to speak with an attorney to review your options. Lastly, do the following to make sure you have as much information as possible to proceed with your case: 

  • Exchange information with the driver
  • Take photos and video to document the accident 
  • Ask for a copy of the police report
  • If applicable, request traffic cam footage
  • Gather witness information 
  • Write down the license plate number and vehicle description
  • Do not speak with an insurance adjuster from Amazon or one representing the driver who caused the accident 

In an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident? Lerner and Rowe Can Help! 

As the statute of limitations means you’re on a timetable as soon as the incident occurs, you’ll want to move swiftly and contact a personal injury lawyer to advocate for you if you want the best possible legal outcomes. At Lerner and Rowe, our knowledgeable team is on hand and prepared to assist you in getting the justice and compensation you deserve.

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