Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents

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Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents

While many crashes in the news each evening involve multiple vehicles, catastrophic injury can also happen in single-vehicle accidents. In case you or a family member experience this, it’s important to know your rights after a single-vehicle accident. It’s also important to know your options when it comes to single-vehicle accident claims.  

The Chicago car accident attorneys at Lerner and Rowe help families and victims of single-vehicle accidents. By working with us, you may be able to seek compensation for injuries caused by another party’s recklessness. Give us a call today at  708-222-2222 to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case.

What Is a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Before attempting to file a claim after sustaining injuries from a wreck, it is essential you understand “What is a single-vehicle accident?” An accident is considered a single-vehicle accident if only one car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle is involved. Those affected by single-vehicle accidents may include the driver, any passengers, pedestrians, or bicyclists. Any one of these injured parties may have an eligible personal injury case if someone else was liable for the damage.

Establishing who, or what, caused the accident is especially difficult in single-vehicle accidents. Touch base with one of our award-winning attorneys to dig into your situation, and find the root cause of your wreck.

Single-Vehicle Accidents Caused by Driver Error

Very often, single-vehicle accidents are caused by driver error. In fact, Illinois law dictates that single-vehicle accidents are typically under “negligence per se”. This means that the law assumes that any accident involving no other parties is usually the fault of the driver.

There are multiple ways a single-vehicle accident can occur due to driver error. For instance, the driver might show negligence by:

  • Falling into a habit of distracted driving. Checking a phone while driving, eating, drinking, or checking a GPS or map may cause them to take their eyes off the road and strike a barrier. 
  • Driving recklessly. By speeding, driving too slowly, or acting erratically, a driver may lose control of their vehicle and spin out of control.
  • Failing to maintain their vehicle to avoid mechanical failures while driving.

If you are the driver that caused a single-vehicle accident, you may not be awarded any compensation. In fact, you’ll have to cover your own medical bills, any lost wages from missed time at work, and more. You may also face traffic tickets, or even criminal charges. 

Conversely, if you are not found liable for your accident you may be able to win compensation to cover these costs. 

The key takeaways here are that these types of accidents can become complicated fast. Also, having a personal injury attorney on your side can make all the difference in whether or not you get any compensation after you’ve been injured in a single-vehicle accident.

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Other Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents

There are many common causes of single car accidents other than driver error. If one of these scenarios sounds like it may apply to your case, chat with Lerner and Rowe today. 

No-Fault Accidents

Severe weather and other acts of God can cause sudden changes on roadways that lead to single-vehicle accidents. As long as the driver did their due diligence, and did their best to adjust to road conditions, they may not be at fault for the accident. Since no one could prevent or avoid these certain scenarios, no one is at fault. If you have optional collision or comprehensive coverage through your car insurance, they may reimburse you for some or all of your damages.


An animal darting into the road may also cause an accident at no fault of the driver. However, if it is domesticated, like a family dog or cat, the accident may be the fault of the owner. Your and/or your attorney would need to prove that the animal was not contained, leashed, or supervised.

Malfunctioning Parts and Vehicle’s Design

The design and/or parts of your vehicle may also cause an accident. These types of accidents often fall into the category of product liability. Not being able to stop, accelerating without cause, and sudden tire blowouts are other examples of possible product liability.

Another very common example of this is rollovers. Some vehicles do not have the correct balance to stabilize themselves during tricky turns, leading them to tip and roll. Likewise, if the vehicle was not designed to survive rolling onto its roof, the injuries may be the fault of the manufacturer.

Also, an inadequately installed part may cause your accident. So, make sure to save any bills of sale or receipts from maintenance purchases from your mechanic. Your attorney at Lerner and Rowe may use this to build your single-vehicle accident claim against the mechanic or auto shop.

Another Driver

While a single-vehicle accident only involves one vehicle being struck, another driver may still be the cause of that accident. For instance, if another driver is acting recklessly, it may cause someone to swerve and strike a wall. In this case, it may be the driver’s fault. Or, if another driver suddenly slows for no apparent reason the car behind may be led to slam on their brakes and spin out of control on ice. This may be the front driver’s fault, too. 

In these cases, try to catch the license plate of the driver in case they do not stop to help after the accident has occurred. Driver liability for a single-vehicle accident is very complicated. Since another driver was involved, you’ll want an award-winning team of legal professionals on your side. 

Road Obstructions

Single-vehicle accident claims may also come about due to road obstructions. Certain branches of local and state government manage public roads. If the roads are not maintained, and an accident happens, it could be the fault of the government. 

One example of this is poor drainage. If a road has not been designed properly or cared for correctly to increase the flow of water, moisture may build rapidly and lead to hydroplaning vehicles. Once a driver has lost control of their vehicle in this way, it is easy for them to slide into a bike lane or crosswalk. 

Another example is unmarked hazards.  An unmarked buckling in asphalt may lead to injury if a driver unknowingly drives over it. Or, a windy bridge without a sign may lead to a large truck getting blown into a median.

Road Construction

Along the same lines, road construction may cause single-vehicle accidents. Cones left in the roadway, debris, and confusing signage may lead drivers to lose control of their vehicles and crash. 

However, if the driver was not following the slower speed limits posted in a construction zone, it may turn out that they are responsible for their injuries. This is another example of how important it is to know your rights after a single-vehicle accident. Reach out to a Chicago car accident attorney for help.

Other Parties Injured in Single-Vehicle Accidents

Single vehicle accident claims are not always filed on behalf of the driver. Alternatively, if you were injured due to the driver’s actions in a single-vehicle accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim for their negligence. This applies to passengers involved in single-car accidents, pedestrians struck by the vehicle, or bicyclists involved in the wreck. 

These types of accidents can be especially devastating, as they may involve someone you know, and/or extensive injuries. The most valuable non-legal service we offer at Lerner and Rowe is to carry our clients’ emotional burdens during a stressful time. That way, you can focus your efforts on recovery. With thousands of five star reviews, the attorneys at Lerner and Rowe are eager to serve you when your family needs us most.

Winning Compensation in a Single-Vehicle Accident

To prepare a successful single-vehicle accident claim, you’ll need to collect evidence and artifacts from your accident. This includes police statements, photos of damage, and witness reports of what happened. Present this to your lawyer to prepare your case. We will then determine the amount of compensation you may be entitled to. This compensation may help cover costs you and your family did not have before the accident took place. 

Don’t wait to file your claim–-Illinois law states that victims have two years to file from the date of the accident. So, reach out to Lerner and Rowe today to find out if you have a strong single-vehicle case.

Find Out if You Have a Single-Vehicle Accident Case

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Furthermore, passengers involved in single-car accidents may be eligible to win compensation for their injuries. Call us, or fill out this  online form to begin learning about your options. You can also use our LiveChat feature to connect with one of our representatives. 

Don’t hesitate to seek compensation- and peace of mind- after your single-vehicle accident. Reach out to the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Lerner and Rowe today.

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