9 Thanksgiving Driving Tips for Pahrump Drivers

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Thanksgiving driving tips

Thanksgiving is a time for family and getting together with friends. You may be one of many people who will travel in Nye County to see family and other loved ones to celebrate this yearly holiday this season. Whether you are having a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner or a Friendsgiving, it’s important you arrive at your holiday destination safely. To help ensure that happens, the Pahrump personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe offer these Thanksgiving driving tips to help you avoid a car accident

Give Yourself Enough Time to Beat Traffic

This Thanksgiving weekend, expect heavy traffic. If you have a lengthy journey ahead of you, give yourself enough time to arrive at your destination. Even if your trip is just a short distance, keep in mind that it will probably take longer than usual to get there, especially if there is bad weather.

Don’t Drink and Drive 

Drunk driving accidents are common during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In 2019, 29% of traffic fatalities on Thanksgiving Day were a result of drunk driving. Not only can driving under the influence cause an accident that could hurt you and leave you with a criminal record, it can also result in the wrongful death of an innocent bystander. To prevent getting involved in a drunk driving accident, make sure you have a designated driver, arrange for someone to pick you up, or have a place to spend the night.

Avoid Driving Distractions 

During a heavy traffic weekend like Thanksgiving, it’s especially important to avoid distractions like texting, talking on the phone, adjusting the radio and GPS, and eating or drinking, to name a few. Distracted driving is a top cause of accidents which can easily be prevented. Avoid distracted driving by pulling over if you need to use your phone while driving. 

Follow Traffic Laws 

Following local traffic laws in Pahrump when driving is a given to prevent accidents. When traffic is heavy during Thanksgiving weekend, it’s vital to avoid speeding, maintaining a safe distance between other vehicles, and to pay attention to traffic changes. Driving within the limits of the law is the best way to prevent accidents and injuries.

Plan Your Route in Advanced 

No matter how far you are traveling, it is important to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time. Avoid the temptation to speed or weave through traffic if you do fall behind schedule because of bad weather or heavy traffic, since doing so will significantly increase your risk of getting into an accident.

Watch Out for Drunk Drivers

This might be one of the most important Thanksgiving driving tips. While you know you shouldn’t drive drunk, it’s also important to be aware of the possibility of drunk drivers on the road during the holiday weekend. In recent years, the day before Thanksgiving has become known as Blackout Wednesday or Drinksgiving, which encourages heavy drinking with friends prior to spending Thanksgiving with family. Be extra cautious and aware of your surroundings when out driving, especially during the evening hours. If you see a driver behaving erratically, try to get away from them and call the police.  

Do Not Drive Fatigued 

Driving while fatigued can result in similar accidents to distracted driving. Driving when you are tired can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Before hitting the road, make sure you are well-rested to avoid an accident and stay focused on driving. If you get too tired while driving, pull over in a safe location and take a short nap or book a hotel room for the night.

Inspect Your Vehicle 

Before making a long trip, get your car serviced. Have the brakes checked, get your oil changed, inflate your tires, etc. Additionally, start out your travel with a full tank of gas. If you will be driving through potential winter weather, make sure to have some essentials in your car like an ice scraper, defrosting spray, blankets, and a snow shovel.

Be Prepared for Emergencies 

In the event of an accident, breakdown, or medical emergency, have an emergency kit in your vehicle. You should include bottled water, a flashlight, a toolkit, and a first aid kit. If you have to pull off the road due to an emergency, make sure to stay far away from traffic on the shoulder of the road.

Injured in a Thanksgiving Accident? Call The Pahrump Personal Injury Lawyers at Lerner and Rowe 

By following these Thanksgiving driving tips, you can keep your family safe while traveling this Thanksgiving. Even if you follow all safety precautions, unfortunate accidents sometimes occur. While we hope this doesn’t happen, our team of personal injury attorneys is here to help. 

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