Tips to Take Helpful Photos at the Scene of an Albuquerque Car Accident

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Albuquerque Car Crash Lawyer Tips to Take Helpful Photos at an Accident Scene

After a car accident, you can feel traumatized and out of it. Even in a distressed state it is important to try and capture what is happening around you. You can do this by taking the best photos possible of the accident scene. Our Albuquerque car accident lawyers put together a few tips on what to photograph, when to photograph, and how to photograph details after an accident.  

Following are tips to help you capture important evidence that may be useful later when filing an injury claim:

Take them right away if you can

Take accident scene pictures as soon as possible after the accident, with your phone camera if that’s all that’s available. Waiting could mean evidence is moved, damaged, lost, or discarded. That will put your car accident lawyers – and you — at a significant disadvantage when it’s time to provide supporting evidence for your case. (Of course, if you’re injured, seek medical attention first and foremost.)

Note the date and time

Your camera (whether phone or standalone) probably has a built in date and time function. Use it to establish how soon photos were taken after the accident – the sooner, the better.

Take pictures of the “external” accident scene

The external accident scene is the area in which the accident occurred. Step far enough away from the accident scene that you can get both the scene and some of the surrounding area in a single shot.

It should show the positions of the vehicles involved, and where and how the impact occurred. Include landmarks in the picture that will show the vehicle or vehicles exact position. This allows investigators to reconstruct the accident accurately. Take pictures of that “single shot” from several different angles. This will give the most complete view of the accident scene.

Include elements that might have helped cause the accident, such as:

  • Non-working traffic lights;
  • Construction obstructions; and,
  • Weather and lighting conditions.

In addition, pictures can document that these factors do NOT exist if the defendant is trying to blame the accident on nonexistent external elements like bad weather.

Take pictures of accident details

 Once the “single shot” angles have been taken care of, focus on more detailed shots of the external scene. Examples include pictures of:

  • License plate numbers of vehicles involved;
  • Skid marks;
  • External vehicle damage;
  • Damage to the road or surrounding area; and,
  • Property damage.

Take pictures of the “internal” accident scene

Take photos of the interior of your car, paying special attention to areas that sustained damage, deployed airbags, and so forth. If injuries caused you or your passenger(s) to bleed, make sure to get pictures of the bloodstains as well. Their position can help your Albuquerque car accident lawyers show just how and where an injury occurred during the accident.

Take pictures of injuries

Take close-up pictures of all injuries you or your passengers sustained, even seemingly minor ones. Minor injuries can turn out to be much more serious once the shock of the event has worn off. This is thanks to your innate “fight or flight” response: Because the adrenaline and excitement of the moment may blunt pain responses, you may not know injuries are more serious than they first appear right away; therefore, document any injury progressions, as well.

Your pictures can provide part of the medical documentation your lawyers will need to prove your case, along with medical personnel’s records from treatment.

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