Motorcycle Safety Myths: 6 Things Bikers Get Wrong

motorcycle safety myths
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Whether you ride for pleasure or as your primary mode of transportation, motorcycle safety helps ensure you remain injury-free on the road. Motorcycle safety tips come from many sources, but some tips are incorrect. False information creates motorcycle safety myths that put you at risk of injuries from a motorbike crash.

To educate motorcyclists and encourage bike safety, the personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe take a closer look at six common motorcycle safety myths.

Motorcycle Safety Myth #1: Helmets Will Not Make a Difference in a Crash

Without a helmet, you are three times more likely to suffer a brain injury in a crash. Helmeted riders are up to 73% less likely to die in motorcycle wrecks and 85% less likely to suffer severe injuries than riders without helmets. Most states require helmet use, but there are some exceptions. For example, Illinois does not legally require helmet use for motorcycle operators or passengers of any age. Regardless of whether you must legally wear a helmet while riding, the motorcycle accident attorneys at Lerner and Rowe strongly suggest wearing one.

Motorbike Myth #2: Helmets Impair Sight

Like many motorcycle safety myths about helmet use, vision impairment is not supported by scientific data. In fact, federal safety standards mandate that helmets provide a 210-degree field of vision to ensure your peripheral vision is never blocked. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that a helmet’s effect on vision is minimal, while adding a high degree of protection.

Motorcycle Safety Myth #3: Other Motorists Always See and Hear Motorcycles

Even the most attentive drivers can miss a motorcycle in their blind spot. Motorcycles are small and less visible than automobiles, so always assume other drivers cannot see you. Also, do not count on loud pipes on your bike to announce your presence. Most of the noise from your pipes is directed rearward, so vehicles in front of you likely will not notice it, especially if the windows are up and the radio is on. Always drive defensively and avoid riding too close to other vehicles and make yourself more visible by wearing bright colors.

Motorbike Myth #4: Drinking Beer Before Riding Is Okay

A low blood alcohol content (BAC) does not mean it is safe to ride your motorcycle. Controlling a motorcycle requires strong balance, coordination, and judgment. Any amount of alcohol can potentially hamper these skills. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reported that 28% of the total motor vehicle fatalities in 2016 involved drivers under the influence of alcohol. Our motorcycle crash attorneys remind you that even one drink or two can result in wrongful death.

Motorbike Myth #5: Wearing Leather Is Just Cool

Bikers are known for wearing leather, but it is more than a fashion statement. Leather garments are part of your personal protective equipment, just like your helmet. Wearing clothing designed for motorcycle riding made of leather or other thick, protective material can help prevent road rash, friction burns, and other bodily injuries during a crash.

Motorcycle Safety Myth #6: Anyone With a Driver’s License Can Operate a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle requires different knowledge and skills than driving an automobile. Having a driver’s license does not mean you can safely operate a motorcycle. The GHSA reported that 27% of motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes in 2016 were riding without valid motorcycle licenses at the time of the collisions. Lerner and Rowe’s motorcycle collision lawyers recommend checking license requirements with your DMV and making sure that all your tests are current.

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