Tips to Avoid a Motorcycle Crash

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As a responsible motorcycle rider, you have a legal right to share the road with larger motor vehicles. Problems and accidents may arise in Arizona when other drivers take advantage of the size difference and behave more aggressively.

Safe Driving Tips for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle crash lawyers in Arizona can tell you that three-quarters of accidents involve another vehicle, generally a passenger car. Take precautions to avoid collisions by following these helpful safety tips.

  • Become a student of body language. When drivers look in one direction or the other, it’s often a tip-off to movement. Watching for these actions can help you anticipate sudden changes.
  • Motorcyclist looking out for other driversGet in the habit of scanning your surroundings. Focusing your gaze in one direction for too long will cause you to miss trouble spots as they develop. It also creates a hypnotic event that interferes with concentration.
  • Pay special attention when nearing an oncoming car preparing to make a left-hand turn. The driver may not see you until it’s too late, so be ready for necessary defensive actions, such as braking or swerving.
  • Use size to your benefit. Moving from one side of a lane to the other allows you a better look at what’s up ahead. No matter how heavy traffic is, there are usually pockets of open zones where you can gain some breathing room apart from the other vehicles.
  • Most motorcycle turn signals are not self-canceling. Check yours frequently to make sure they are not misleading to other drivers.
  • Always have an escape route planned so you can respond quickly to emergency situations.

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