• Accident Causes

    Wrong-Way Driving Kills

    Phoenix (May 24, 2019) – Wrong-way driving is an increasing epidemic in Arizona. People usually drive the wrong way as a result of impairment from substances, or distraction. To address the problem, state lawmakers made it a felony to drive the wrong way under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Additionally, the state is making “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs larger and lower so they will be more visible. Thermal cameras are also now able to detect when a driver goes the wrong way on a freeway and can notify authorities. Source: USNews.com

    Pedestrian Crisis

    Phoenix (May 9, 2019) – Intoxication and speeding are critical factors in pedestrian deaths for Arizona. The number of pedestrian deaths has more than doubled since 2010. Phoenix is taking action by illuminating some of the city’s high-risk areas with hybrid beacons. However, some of the most needy areas won’t receive such upgrades until 2022. Source: AZ Central

  • Accident Statistics

    Accident Deaths In Triple Digits

    Phoenix (June 3, 2019) – Unfortunately, Arizona traffic fatalities have already reached the triple digits since January of this year. Traffic fatalities continue to grow, and at present, there are over 400 deaths from traffic-related causes in Arizona alone. 2019 isn’t even halfway over, but hopefully, that tragic number doesn’t increase by much more. Source: AZDOT.gov

    2019 Fatality Numbers

    Phoenix (May 10, 2019) – Arizona’s accident fatalities are on the rise. From January 2019 to mid-March 2019, there were 80 deaths on Arizona’s roads. That’s 12 more than there were in 2018 around this same time. Authorities estimate that the increase in fatalities could be due to an increase in the amount of new drivers. With additional people on the road, and with many of them inexperienced, it’s important to stay mindful and vigilant at all times, especially when the weather changes. Source: 12 News

  • News

    Fatal Motorcycle Crash

    Scottsdale, AZ (June 10, 2019) – In the early afternoon last Monday, a 47-year-old motorcycle driver crashed into a black sedan. Unfortunately, the motorcycle’s passenger, a 36-year-old woman, suffered severe injuries and later died in hospital care. The driver of the motorcycle did not suffer life-threatening injuries. However, it’s important to note that neither one of them were wearing helmets. If you or someone you know plan on riding a motorcycle, always wear a helmet and follow all motorcycle safety protocols to protect yourself and others in case of an accident. And, if you are a passenger who is injured in an accident, you can contact an Arizona personal injury to discuss your legal options. Source: The Jamestown Sun

    Woodbury Fire Continues to Spread

    Phoenix, AZ (June 11, 2019) – The Woodbury fire continues to grow and ravage Arizona land. The fire broke out on early Saturday afternoon, and by that evening, it had covered over 500 acres. By Sunday, the fire had spread across nearly a thousand more acres. Now, the fire spans a total of over 9,300 acres, with no end in sight. Additional firefighters are being deployed, but so far, the fire is at 0% containment. Arid, hot air contributes to the spread of the fire, as does gusts of wind and dry foliage that makes the fire easier to proliferate. To avoid smoke inhalation from the flames, stay indoors. Also, to help prevent burn injuries, stay in a safe environment away from the active fire, and don’t operate gas or electrical equipment carelessly. If you’re outside in the Arizona heat, be sure to stay hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion. Source: KTAR News

    First 2019 Heat Death

    Phoenix (June 5, 2019) – In Maricopa County, a man died in his vehicle as a result of heat-related causes. As the first confirmed case of 2019, it’s important to remember that temperatures will rise as the summer goes on. Last year alone, Maricopa County had its record number of heat-related deaths: 182. To combat the dangers of the heat, stay hydrated and remain indoors in a cool, ventilated area. If you are elderly or without shelter, it’s especially important to take precautions against the dangers of heatstroke and other possible conditions from heat exposure. Source: ABC15 Arizona

    AAA Patroller of the Year Awarded

    Mesa (May 10, 2019) – AAA chose a Mesa 7th grader as Arizona’s “Patroller of the Year.” The AAA School Safety Patrol gives students the skills and knowledge necessary to know how to stay safe and aware when crossing the road, traveling to school, along with other useful safety tips. Gerard Gerkin demonstrated exceptional initiative and wrote to AAA, explaining how the program made him a friendlier, better person. The school he attends was also given a $3,000 grant that will fund the AAA School Safety Program. Source: AZfamily.com