Motorcycle Riding at Night: 3 Ways to Stay Safe

Motorcycle Riding at Night

Motorcycle riding at night offers a unique experience–the open road, cool air, and a different perspective under the starry sky. However, darkness also presents increased challenges and additional hazards to biking in the daytime. To truly enjoy your nocturnal rides and prioritize safety, the motorcycle accident lawyers at Lerner and Rowe urge you to follow these three essential tips.

1. Be Seen, Be Safe: Maximize Your Visibility

Imagine riding your motorcycle while invisible. That’s the danger lurking at night. Motorists often struggle to spot motorcycles during the day, and darkness only makes things worse. Our motorcycle crash attorneys recommend maximizing your visibility in order to maximize your safety. You can do so by:

  • Wearing Bright Gear: Ditch the dark leathers. Invest in high-visibility gear with fluorescent colors like yellow, orange, or bright green. Add reflective stripes on your jacket, pants, and helmet. Don’t forget reflective ankle bands or vests for an extra punch.
  • Light Up Your Ride: Ensure your headlight, taillight, and turn signals are in top condition. Consider upgrading to LED lights for superior brightness and longevity. Add auxiliary lights, if legally permitted in your state, for broader vision and increased visibility.
  • Turn Up the Brilliance: Reflectors are your silent safety warriors. Apply reflective tape to your motorcycle’s body, especially on sides, front, and rear fenders. Don’t underestimate the impact of reflective stickers on your wheels and helmet.

2. See Clearly, Ride Confidently: Optimize Your Vision for Motorcycle Riding at Night

In addition to limiting your visibility to other motorists, darkness also diminishes your ability to judge distances, perceive hazards, and react quickly. Making sure that you can see clearly is a major safety component of motorcycle riding at night. Optimize your vision for a safer ride by:

  • Opt for Clarity: Ditch the tinted visor and use a clear visor specifically designed for night riding. These visors reduce glare and enhance contrast, allowing you to see more clearly in low-light conditions.
  • Double Up for Protection: Consider wearing clear safety glasses underneath your helmet visor. These provide an extra layer of protection from wind and dust while offering unaltered night vision.
  • Don’t Forget Your Eye Exam: Regularly get your eyes checked, especially if you experience night blindness or have concerns about your vision’s ability to adapt to changing light conditions. If you’re a middle-aged or older rider, eye exams can be crucial since most people’s eyes lose elasticity as they get older, affecting their vision.

3. Ride Defensively and Prioritize Safety When Motorcycle Riding at Night

Night riding demands a shift in mindset. Lerner and Rowe’s motorcycle crash lawyers recommend altering your typical riding style when motorcycle riding at night. Embrace a defensive riding style and remember:

  • Slow Down, See More: Reduce your speed significantly compared to daytime riding. This grants you more time to react to unexpected obstacles or sudden maneuvers by other vehicles.
  • Increase Following Distance: Double or even triple the following distance you maintain in daylight. This provides ample space for braking or swerving if needed.
  • Scan Sharply, Stay Alert: Actively scan your surroundings, not just directly ahead. Pay attention to potential hazards like poorly lit areas, animals on the road, and oncoming traffic from side streets.
  • Plan Your Route: Choose well-lit roads whenever possible. Avoid unfamiliar routes or poorly maintained areas at night. Planning your route beforehand allows for informed decisions and increased comfort.

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Contact a Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

Remember, even with these tips, motorcycle riding at night requires additional caution and experience. If you’re new to motorcycle riding, consider taking a nighttime riding course before venturing out after dark. By prioritizing your visibility, optimizing your vision, and adapting your riding style, you can turn your nighttime motorcycle rides into safe and enjoyable journeys under the starry sky.

Unfortunately, some accidents will happen no matter how many safety precautions you take. Should you get into a motorcycle crash caused by another party’s recklessness or negligence then contact the personal injury attorneys at Lerner and Rowe for immediate assistance. You can reach our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone at 844-977-1900 and through the Internet via secure contact form or LiveChat. Consultations are free and you don’t pay a cent unless a settlement has been recovered on your behalf.

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