Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding after Dark

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Riding your motorcycle at night can be an awesome feeling. Unfortunately, though, a motorcycle accident attorney in Chicago knows that lots of motorcycle accidents happen at night. When it is dark outside, it is harder for you to see, and harder for other drivers to see you. To help keep yourself safe at night, follow the safety tips below to prevent accidents.

Have Good Lights

Make sure your bike has both a good headlight and a good tail light. Most bikes, especially older bikes, use halogen lights, which are not nearly as good as the more modern HID lighting. If your bike does not have the best headlight, you have a couple options for upgrading:

  1. Put a better bulb into your existing light setup to make it brighter. This is the cheapest and easiest way to get a brighter headlight.
  2. Upgrade your old halogen lighting system to LED or HID lighting. This is still relatively affordable and is the best way to upgrade your headlight.

The same principle applies to your tail lights. You can upgrade your tail lights to LED lighting if your bike does not already have it. You can even add supplemental lights to make it even more obvious when you are braking. If your bike has great lighting, it will be easier for your motorcycle accident attorney in Chicago to prove that other drivers should have seen you.

Wear High Visibility Gear

We get it, your leather jacket looks great, and can keep you warm while you ride around Chicago at night. That said, it is far more important to make sure drivers can see you while you’re on the road. Motorcyclists are much less likely to be involved in an accident if they are wearing bright fluorescent clothing. Look into neon colors like yellow, orange, or white to help other drivers see you. If the rest of your outfit is black, at least try to accent it with a bright color.

Reflective clothing or accents can go a long way here, too. The easiest way to be spotted by other drivers is to make sure you wear something that reflects their headlights back when they are driving toward you. If you do not want to change your whole outfit up, you can use something like reflective tape or decal.

A roll of reflective tape makes it easy to add cool designs or reflective patches to the gear you already have. Any of these options will help a lot when you get into an area that does not have very good lighting on the road.

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