National Safety Month and Arizona Workplace Injuries

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Arizona workplace injuries

June is National Safety Month and each year The National Safety Council (NSC) encourages workplaces to promote safety and prevent accidents. The organization was developed to raise awareness about the prevalence of workplace accidents and to help workers become more aware of hazards in the workplace. According to the CDC, injury is the leading cause of death among those aged 1 to 44, making National Safety Month a vital yearly event in reducing injuries. At Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys, we wanted to promote National Safety Month and spread awareness about the most common Arizona workplace injuries and what to do if you’ve been injured while on the clock.

Workplace Injuries and Industries 

In 2020, there were 97 fatal workplace accidents in Arizona according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). All workplace accidents, fatal or otherwise, are preventable with the correct safety precautions. Unfortunately, not all workplaces adhere to these guidelines. Some workplaces are prime spots for accidents depending on the industry and environment. Construction, transportation/warehouse, and agriculture are the top three industries with the most fatal accidents, NSC data shows. 

Top 3 Causes of Arizona Workplace Injuries 

It is up to both the employer and employees to provide a safe working environment. Failure to do so could cause preventable accidents and injuries. Any of these listed below can lead to catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death. Here are the top three causes of Arizona workplace injuries, according to NSC data.

Exposure to harmful substances and environments 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, exposure to harmful substances and environments ranked sixth in the most common workplace accidents. However, since the NSC data includes COVID-19 infections from the workplace in this category, it has reached the top spot. Before 2020, the third-most common cause of workplace accidents was contact with objects and equipment. 

Along with COVID-19, this also includes exposure to harmful substances and environments like: 

  • Electricity
  • Radiation
  • Noise
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Air pressure change
  • Water pressure change
  • Chemicals
  • Oxygen deficiency 
  • Traumatic or stressful events in the workplace 

Overexertion and bodily reaction

Injuries caused by overexertion are vast and can be caused by a variety of factors and actions in the workplace. These injuries result from tasks related to a job, such as operating equipment. Overexertion and bodily reaction include both non-impact and repetitive motion injuries, such as:

  • Lifting
  • Pushing
  • Holding 
  • Turning
  • Carrying items 
  • Throwing
  • Microtasks like using a computer
  • Other tasks without strenuous effort 

Slips, trips, and falls

These accidents are not only common in the workplace but can happen anywhere. A slip and fall accident occurs when you’re walking and your foot comes into touch with a slick, uneven, loose, or unstable surface, causing you to lose your balance and fall. Arizona workplace slip and fall accidents can also occur a few more ways. 

  • Injuries that occur when a worker catches themselves from falling because of a slip or fall.
  • Tripping, slipping, falling while sitting, and falling against or against an object on the same level. 
  • Falling to a lower level via ladder, a collapsing structure, through surfaces, rooftops, scaffolding, or other structures.

What to Do If You Are Injured at Work in Arizona

If you are injured at work in Arizona, the first thing you need to do before calling Lerner and Rowe is to gather evidence. Having proof of injury, dangerous work conditions, and other details will go a long way to help determine negligence as well as secure financial compensation for your work-related injuries and damages. As an injury victim, you can assist us by gathering the following items from the accident scene:

  1. Photographs taken at the scene showing what caused the accident
  2. Names and contact information for any witnesses
  3. Copies of any filed incident reports
  4. Copies of all medical records and receipts

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary evidence, contact Lerner and Rowe for your FREE initial case review. You won’t pay any legal fees until compensation is won on your behalf. If you or a loved one have suffered an Arizona workplace injury, don’t delay and contact us today! 

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