Taxotere Multi-District Litigation

The federal judiciary system decided to handle complex litigation through the multi-district litigation process codified in the federal statutory system. Typically used in cases where each individual’s damages are important as opposed to everybody’s damages being similar as in a class action suit. 

MDL primarily solve and resolve common issues of fact such as discovery issues, expert issues, and other things that are common to everyone’s case. Without the MDL process, each of these common questions and motions for summary judgment must litigate and re-litigate over and over again thousands of times using the same arguments and often the same lawyers. MDL is a way to make the court system more efficient. If you are interested in pursuing Taxotere multi-district litigation, consult a qualified Taxotere attorney that could help you.

Types of Cases That Also Use Multi-District Litigation

Pharmaceutical cases are a classic example of the multi-district litigation process. Other examples include product liability cases, automobile defect cases, and medical device cases. With a class action suit against a drug company, it is most likely brought by the shareholders against the drug company for its failure to do something about a dangerous drug they produce that caused the company’s shares to be worthless.

A class action suit against a pharmaceutical company for a dangerous drug is not typical. Those are more typically MDL or mass tort cases where everyone’s damages are different and significant to their own particular case. There is current Taxotere multi-district litigation in the federal district court in New Orleans. The first bellwether trial for the Taxotere MDL in New Orleans: scheduled for January 2019.

Process of a Multi-District Litigation Case

A multi-district litigation case begins with a filing against Sanofi in the person’s home jurisdiction. When a person lives in Arizona, their case files in the federal district court in Arizona. The case automatically transfers to the MDL court in New Orleans to the Taxotere case. Although a person can file their case locally, the court moves it over electronically to the court in New Orleans and the case stays there. The person does not need to go to New Orleans. They can and should stay aware of the progress in the case from their lawyer. Once the common questions of law decided, the case transfers to the person’s home jurisdiction if it is going to trial.

Lastly, Benefits of an MDL Case For the Plaintiffs

The true benefit of Taxotere multi-district litigation is the efficiency. The plaintiffs do not have to pay for their attorneys; most of these cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. There is also the issue of saving time. If an individual had to go through the same repetitive motions and fact-finding a thousand times over; these cases would take decades instead of months or years. If you have suffered from complications due to Taxotere use, work with a seasoned dangerous drugs attorney that can advocate for you and help you pursue multi-district litigation. So, don’t wait! Contact us today!